The Architecture Drilldown - Knowledge is Power - Issue #7

The Architecture Drilldown – a newsletter that keeps you up-to-date while saving time. Architecture j
The Architecture Drilldown - Knowledge is Power

The Architecture Drilldown - Knowledge is Power

December 14 · Issue #4 · View online
The Architecture Drilldown

The Architecture Drilldown – a newsletter that keeps you up-to-date while saving time. Architecture journalist and editor Rachael Bernstone scans all the news that’s fit to print about architecture and serves you up the best bits, weekly.
There will be one more issue before the festive season, so please send any feedback or suggestions if you’d like to see improvements next week!

So, what’s of international interest this week?
Lots of talk about architects as agents for change, this week, starting with the AIA, which issues a call to action
Then: the rise of the Architect-developer
And Justine Clark directs us to an Instagram debate on architecture and class, via @Furmadamadam
And Stefano Boeri talks up green at the Cities of Tomorrow Forum, in New Orleans...
Slightly more frivolous, now: reimagining a Po-Mo icon, Snøhetta-style
And Snøhetta again: this time a prototype for super-sustainable retrofits at Harvard
Smart. Seriously Smart. The Do-It-Yourself Vertical Village on the Fringes of London
Meanwhile, ordinary people start redesigning urban space in Tbilisi, Georgia...
...and Elsa Lam wants us to "Design Like A Mother"!
Even in Italy, gender inequality rears up, after ‘equal partner’ omitted from major Institute award
Helsinki’s new central Library wins more plaudits than Sydney's Green Square
And Japan looks to adaptive reuse to alleviate its emerging housing crisis
Right-o, what’s happening on the national / federal front?
Skates on! It's the last day to complete the AACA survey on architectural education
And Institute Council nominations close next week, 20 December! Hurry Hurry!
"Woeful" six star minimum standards under fire, ahead of COAG Energy Council meeting
Technology and prefab: can they finally change the game for housing construction?
And here's Infrastructure Australia’s take on managing growth of Australian cities
Drilling down further – what’s news across the states?
‘Shopping trolley’ MONA hotel proposal heads for planning assessment
Bringing in the 'experts'. Note the use of 'experts'. Not professionals.
NSW government greenlights demolition of Sydney Football Stadium. I know. Crazy.
Newcastle’s brutalist civic centre to become luxury hotel. Cool huh?
Parliament House is designed to nurture democracy but instead promotes dysfunction (ouch!)
Everyone seems to love the new Calile Hotel in Brisbane, including the well-travelled Mr Varady
The official word on the city's worst kept secret: CODA Studio directors leave Cox
Remember last year's competition for a new Art Gallery. It's disappeared into the galaxy...
What upcoming events should I put in my diary?
Power and passion: Monique Woodward and Stephen Choi to direct ‘collective agency’ conference in Melbourne, 2019
Brisbane's annual Asia Pacific Architecture Forum is happening again next March.
Are there any competitions, awards or essential-bedtime-reading tenders I need to know about?
Keen to conduct research in London with a Richard Rogers Fellowship? Entries for 2020 places open in Q3 2019. You're welcome.
The DIA's Interior Design Awards open for 2019
Do we even care about trends?
Belle provides a great selection of Pantone's 2019 colour. How good is that Chelsea Hing reading nook?
Or check out Dezeen's top 10 architecture and interiors trends of 2018. If you even care about trends.
Armchair (or actual?) travel…
In Dubai, Zaha Hadid's legacy project is set to alter the skyline...
...while in NYC, the High Line prepares to open its next great public space
Inspiration or Archi-porn? You decide…
Iconic American buildings re-envisioned in Gothic revival style. Wowsers.
Sounds Like Design’s Marketing and Communications tip of the week…
Perth architect David Weir gave us permission to share his ‘Top 10 Tips’ booklet. Let us know what your practice is doing to promote the benefits of architecture to the public…

And that’s it for this seventh instalment of The Architecture Drilldown, delivered every Friday so you can catch up on the week’s architecture news from around the world and around the corner, at your leisure, over the weekend. Tell us about your interests, and what you’d like to see more of by sending suggestions to
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