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The Architecture Drilldown – a newsletter that keeps you up-to-date while saving time. Architecture j
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The Architecture Drilldown - Knowledge is Power
The Architecture Drilldown – a newsletter that keeps you up-to-date while saving time. Architecture journalist and editor Rachael Bernstone scans all the news that’s fit to print about architecture and serves you up the best bits, weekly.
It’s a bumper week of news, with lots of contentious issues, and, in the spirit of continuous improvement, we now have images. Enjoy!

So, what’s of international interest this week?
Kate this is for you: How Temporary Tiny Homes Could Solve Dutch Cities’ Housing Crises
You want low cost, quick housing? Try this!
At the other end of the spectrum, Norman Foster’s 'Tulip' kicks off an Instagram hullabulloo (more down below in the Marketing tips)
How to sell architecture's merits via experience, according to Alain de Botton
Do you write about architecture? Then read this!
We put the spotlight on gender and workplace issues
Parlour's latest findings: do you want the good news or bad news first?
And the ACA discusses new Rights to Request Flexible Work
And this is why employers should say yes:. Why not to tie workers to their desks...
Still feeling despondent? Meet Seven Influential and Innovative Women of the Bauhaus
Right-o, what’s happening on the national / federal front?
You know there's a housing crisis, right? Just how bad is it? 'Negative gearing report finds housing less affordable now than at height of the boom'. Yikes. That bad...
Counter that by dropping the 'W' word into your conversations with clients to appear cutting-edge
Or, if you're an eternal optimist, give them this list of dos and don'ts by Wesley Spencer
Thinking further ahead to awards? Find out what tickled the AIA jury's fancy this year...
Drilling down further – what’s news across the states?
In Sydney:
NSW Housing Minister turns blowtorch on developers (pot, kettle, black, anyone?)
And developers form an unlikely alliance with welfare agencies to declare 'Sydney’s not full'
Meanwhile, Passivists show truly leadership, like Oliver Steele with his FERN apartments
In Victoria, (aka Australia’s most progressive state):
Tania Davidge leads the Fed Square charge against Apple's plans
Breaking this afternoon: The Apple Store project gets delayed, but Andrews' confirms support
And Canberra:
Advocates get serious! Hands off Anzac Hall!
In Brisbane and Queensland:
There's a Timber revolution happening in our cities
Not strictly Architecture, but if you oppose coal and Adani, and want to register your protest...
In Perth:
Subiaco Market redevelopment proposal unveiled. Haven't we been here before?
And Subi Mayor Penny Taylor calls for public comments on the plan
In the city, Peet partners with state on private, social mix tower
And in Freo, Yolk reveals plans for yet another tall timber office building
Lastly, in Adelaide:
A great result for advocacy: ARM and Philip's Pilkington's Marion Cultural Centre is saved from potential wrecking ball
Are there any competitions, awards or essential-bedtime-reading tenders I need to know about?
EOIs called for $150m performing arts venue in Brisbane
The 2019 NGV Architecture Commission competition is open
Complete the AACA's survey of architectural education
As GBCA turns to residential, it calls for industry leaders to join the Homes Advisory Committee
Kate - I couldn’t find the EOI call for MetroNet - can you send me a link for next week’s newsletter?
We have Awards announcements coming out of ears this week
In London, John Wardle Architects wins at Dezeen Awards for Captain Kelly's cottage
Winners at WAF: Chrofi and McGregor Coxall, and Conrad Gargett
Brewster Hjorth Architects comes up trumps at WAN
There are lots of pretty pictures from the IDEA Awards winners lineup (Hi Jan!!)
And TZG and Bellevarde take out Belle's Luxury Home of the Year
Indulge in some professional navel gazing... go on, it's the weekend!
What Should Architects Be Good At?
What's your score on Michael Sorkin's list of Two Hundred and Fifty Things an Architect Should Know?
Will there even be jobs for architects in the future? Can computers design buildings?
Armchair (or actual?) travel…
I haven't yet met an architect who didn't admire Luis Barragán
If you haven't been to the Artek showroom in Helsinki (we have, years ago), check this out!
Sounds Like Design’s Marketing and Communications tip of the week…
This week it's all about Instagram. Firstly: how it's changing architecture, by Oliver Wainwright
And secondly, some insights into the Psychology of the platform
And that’s it for this fifth instalment of The Architecture Drilldown, delivered every Friday so you can catch up on the week’s architecture news from around the world and around the corner, at your leisure, over the weekend. Tell us about your interests, and what you’d like to see more of by sending suggestions to
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