The Architecture Drilldown - Knowledge is Power - Issue #16

Welcome to issue 16, where messages about responsibility and ethics - in relation to unpaid labour an
The Architecture Drilldown - Knowledge is Power

The Architecture Drilldown - Knowledge is Power

March 29 · Issue #13 · View online
The Architecture Drilldown

Welcome to issue 16, where messages about responsibility and ethics - in relation to unpaid labour and the morality of house sizes and product and material selections - are at the forefront. There’s even an event on this theme taking place in Melbourne next month…
Plenty of interesting viewpoints and diversions for your weekend. Enjoy!

So, what’s of international interest this week?
David Adjaye: responsible architecture and the end of the McMansion
Architects who don't pay interns "shouldn't be given prestigious commissions"
Elemental ends internships amid growing row over unpaid work in architecture studios
"It's time for architects to choose ethics over aesthetics" says Christine Murray
An Architect’s Oath: why a pledge may restore the public’s trust in the profession
Wacky but true: New York City to combat rising sea levels by extending the Manhattan coastline
How Resilient Power Puerto Rico (RPPR) Is building sustainable infrastructure and strengthening communities
The flying saucers have landed: Qatar's thrilling new supersized museum, by Jean Nouvel
Fast Company's Top 10: Most Innovative Architecture Firms
... and the Top 10 Design companies
Right-o, what’s happening on the national / federal front?
GBCA's Federal government advocacy agenda, ahead of the election in May
Drilling down further – what’s news across the states?
New South Wales
GSC on why we can’t leave city planning to the efficiencies of the market
Unfair strata rules need to be changed to enable sustainability upgrades in apartments
This weekend only: 'House + Garden Of The Future’ open for inspection
Regional Architecture Awards 2019 announced
Australian Capital Territory
83 distinguished Australians call for stop to ‘excessive veneration’ with Australian War Memorial redevelopment
Western Australia
WA Liberals wade into density / infill stoush
State Government blocks plan for Alfred Cove wave park
Heritage Commission seeks nominations for new Council
What upcoming events should I put in my diary?
WA Panel Discussion on Joint Ventures, hosted by the ACA, 4 April
MoDDD Public Lectures - Design Like You Give a Damn! 10 April
Lacrosse Fire Judgment webinar, also by the ACA, 11 April
Alexander Calder is coming to the NGV
Are there any competitions, awards or essential-bedtime-reading tenders I need to know about?
2019 Dulux Colour Awards finalists: Blue & green reign
...and, the loooong shortlist from the Australian Interior Design Awards (62 shortlisted projects in one category!!!??)
Movers and shakers this week...
Shamus Mulcahy appointed Tasmanian chapter president of the Australian Institute of Architects
Chris Knapp to head Bond University’s Abedian School of Architecture
99% Invisible: the unnoticed architecture and design that shape our world
Armchair (or actual?) travel…
FLW's Robie House is once again open for tours after a meticulous restoration
Inspiration or Archi-porn? You decide…
Drone photography captures Barcelona's architectural symmetry from above
Sounds Like Design’s Marketing and Communications tip of the week…
Managing complex projects: Strategies for Architecture practices
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