The Architecture Drilldown - Knowledge is Power - Issue #10

Can you believe this is our 10th issue? The feedback we've received about this newsletter - which agg
The Architecture Drilldown - Knowledge is Power

The Architecture Drilldown - Knowledge is Power

February 15 · Issue #7 · View online
The Architecture Drilldown

Can you believe this is our 10th issue? The feedback we’ve received about this newsletter - which aggregates architecture news from around the world and around the corner - has been great, but let’s go wider! Please email this week’s newsletter to a colleague or friend, and ask them to subscribe (via the blog) if they’d like to receive it too…

So, what’s of international interest this week?
The Trends that Will Influence Architecture in 2019
Why America’s new apartment buildings all look the same
Our cities are broken. here's how Architects can fix them
Trump’s buildings should be landmarked, unfortunately (Jan, this is for you, don't tell Tone!)
But, David Adjaye says Architecture can counteract fake news
Community architecture, without hairshirts: from a jewel-like cabin to a poignant pier
Japanese architect Junya Ishigami to design 2019 Serpentine pavilion in London
Right-o, what’s happening on the national / federal front?
Demolishing the arguments against stronger energy performance
Ministers agree to better energy performance in homes, via National Construction Code
Reaching higher: Nick Lane argues for passive homes as a national standard
Does our industry have a public trust problem? Richard Choy believes the answer is yes.
Bamboo, hempcrete, recycled plastic and aggregates: the new eco-building materials
Drilling down further – what’s news across the states?
New South Wales

Following Opal, the Institute praises Government for major shake-up of building safety laws
Controversial Cockle Bay tower sparks calls for planning system overhaul
Western Australia
After 11 years, Subiaco's Pavilion Market site to be transformed by 24-storey tower and more, by Hames Sharley
What upcoming events should I put in my diary?
Brisbane's Asia Pacific Architecture Forum (13–26 Mar)...
... including: the Architecture Symposium
Are there any competitions, awards or essential-bedtime-reading tenders I need to know about?
Houses Awards are due by 15 March 2019
Good Design Awards are due by 28 March 2019
Did you get a Valentine? (It's not too late to give one of these!)
85 Valentines for Architects and (Architecture) Lovers
This week's movers and shakers
Romilly Madew departs GBCA to run Infrastructure Australia (good news, surely?)
The Drill's 'Ask Us Anything'
Don't be shy! Jump over to Instagram and tell us what you really think! It's called SOCIAL media, right?
And in the same vein: Who knows best? Cities consult citizens for fresh ideas
What is ‘Ask Us Anything’?
Say you had a question that you wanted to ask an Australian architect, but you didn’t know how to approach them.
Then imagine you knew a journalist who could ask that question for you, and let you know the answer. The Drill is that journalist… with an extensive little black book of contacts, and architects in every state. We’re not afraid to ask the hard questions, either!
Send us an email, with your question, and the name of the person you’d like to reach, and we’ll attempt to get your answer… which will be published in an upcoming newsletter.
Ready, steady, go!
Email, and stay tuned for new insights!
Sounds Like Design’s Marketing and Communications tip of the week…
Brush up your Social Media skills with this 2019 how-to from Hootsuite
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