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Welcome to The Daily Block Explorer. Your global view of the emerging distributed ledger economy.

Welcome to The Daily Block Explorer. Your global view of the emerging distributed ledger economy.

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The Daily Block Explorer - Issue #409

Report: Ethereum's move to Proof of Stake cut power demand by almost 99%. Genesis customers plead for their frozen funds. Crypto investor losses are being turned into IRS gains. Vanguard Australia adopted a new DLT asset management solution. Ledger launched a…


The Daily Block Explorer - Issue #408

The UK finalizes plans for regulation of the 'wild west' crypto sector. The Texas crypto-mining boom is looking more like a bust. Top 5 crypto companies leading worldwide layoffs in 2022. Stablecoin issuer Circle cancels plan to go public. Orthogonal Trading …


The Daily Block Explorer - Issue #407

What's bigger than the crypto winter? The Crypto Fimbulwinter. And it continues as Bybit cuts 30% of its staff, Swyft lays off 40% and Genesis owes the Winklevoss exchange’s customers US$900M. Five crypto scams that are hindering mass adoption. Bank Indonesia…


The Daily Block Explorer - Issue #406

Crypto's biggest losers: From Coinbase's Brian Armstrong to Binance’s Changpeng 'CZ' Zhao. The current state of global CBDC development. U.S. puts the squeeze on FTX investors. Australian Securities Exchange to cut up to 200 jobs from blockchain project. Dapp…


The Daily Block Explorer - Issue #405

China activists use NFTs, decentralized technology to counter censorship. The future of NFTs. Auros Global misses a payment on DeFi loan as FTX contagion spreads. Kraken lays off 1,100 employees. EU crypto framework under scrutiny after FTX collapse. Indian b…


The Daily Block Explorer - Issue #404

South Korean prosecutors issue an arrest warrant for Terraform Labs co-founder Daniel Shin. IBM, Maersk shutter shipping blockchain TradeLens. NFT sales jumped 22% higher in November with US$568M in sales across 20 blockchains. The FTX fallout continues. Cryp…


The Daily Block Explorer - Issue #403

I don't know about you, but, I'm pretty sure this excerpt from the CNBC story is describing a Ponzi Scheme:


The Daily Block Explorer - Issue #402

FTX chaos prompts a reckoning on Dubai’s embrace of crypto giants. Has Europe cracked the code on crypto regulation? FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried funded half a dozen media companies including ProPublica, Vox, and the Intercept. Cryptocurrency founder Tiantia…


The Daily Block Explorer - Issue #401

Coinbase's post-Thanksgiving hangover appears to only be beginning. As the crypto industry continues to roil in a post-FTX world, Coinbase's CEO Brian Armstrong has been working overtime to prove the exchange is safe, stable, and above all, liquid. Especially…


The Daily Block Explorer - Issue #400

Binance pledges a US$1B fund to shore up distressed assets. Bank of Japan to trial CBDC digital yen in 2023. As lawyers dissect the FTX collapse, hedge fund managers find their assets frozen on the exchange. DCG CEO Barry Silbert reveals crypto firm has US$2B…


The Daily Block Explorer - Issue #399

IMF Report: Instant payments could curtail CBDC adoption. Singapore's DBS completes fixed-income trade on JPMorgan's Onyx blockchain network. OpEd: How crypto regulations could reshape GameFi. NFT marketplace Magic Eden integrates with Polygon. Sam Bankman-Fr…


The Daily Block Explorer - Issue #398

According to Chainalysis, the hacked FTX crypto is on the move. CEO: 'We’re all playing the Hunger Games of crypto right now.' Cardano to launch privacy-focused blockchain 'Midnight'. Joe Biden released a framework to trace crypto frauds and in…


The Daily Block Explorer - Issue #397

Dear Subscriber,After much review and testing on multiple platforms, I've decided to stay with Revue for the time being. If you haven't used Revue before and are considering a curated content newsletter, I can't tell how much more flexible this platform is co…


The Daily Block Explorer - Issue #396

Dear Subscriber,As many of you know, Elon Musk's recent acquisition of Twitter has brought a lot of uncertainty to the future of the social media platform and its products. Revue, the blogging platform on which I produce The Daily Block Explorer is one of tho…


The Daily Block Explorer - Issue #395

“At some level, the fall of FTX is not a crypto story at all,” said Adam Levitin, a Georgetown University law professor and a principal at Gordian Crypto Advisors, a firm that provides advice regarding crypto bankruptcies. “People invested billions in an unre…


The Daily Block Explorer - Issue #394

Coachella NFTs stuck in FTX exchange after bankruptcy. U.S. banks launch a digital dollar blockchain pilot. So long, Solana? Ether rival clobbered by FTX crash. Reporting a 'mid-seven figure' loss, Sino Global regrets its 'misplaced trust' in FTX. OpEd: What …


The Daily Block Explorer - Issue #393

The fallout from the FTX failure is predictable and long in coming...FTX expects to have more than 1m creditors. The hunt for the FTX thieves has begun. FTX’s failure is sparking a massive regulatory response. PlayStation might be exploring NFTs and blockchai…


The Daily Block Explorer - Issue #392

The FTX collapse is the culmination of everything that is wrong with not just the cryptocurrency industry, but corporate governance within Silicon Valley.In response to FTX's failure, Binance announces an 'industry recovery fund'. But in the wake of Sam Bankm…


The Daily Block Explorer - Issue #391

Robbing Peter to pay Paul...The collapse of FTX caused a contagion effect throughout crypto as the Bahamas freezes all the exchange's assets. FTX made risky bets with customers' money. Tether freezes US$46M of USDT held by FTX as federal scrutiny begins. As t…


The Daily Block Explorer - Issue #390

Remember the idiot who thought he could increase the value of a Frida Kahlo drawing by turning it into an NFT and burning the original? Well, he only sold four of the replicas and he's now under criminal investigation. 🤣Binance bails on bailing out FXT. Sequo…