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➡️ Issue 65 (September 30, 2021):
- Some low-cap coins to watch
- My thoughts on the current state of NFTs
- Tutorial on how you can earn 7,000% APR with EnterDAO
- Report on the derivatives platform Vega
- AMA with the team from Zilliqa to discuss their blockchain
- Latest token sales, airdrops, trending coin report and my portfolio analysis

➡️ Issue 64 (September 22, 2021):
- My thoughts on taking risks in crypto
- How to make money on airdrops
- Report on Paribus, a new token in the Cardano ecosystem
- How to earn good yields using Ethereum layer 2 Arbitrum
- AMA with the team from Reserve Protocol on how they are using stablecoins to empower regular people in developing nations.
- Latest token sales, airdrops, trending coin report and my portfolio analysis

➡️ Issue 63 (September 16, 2021):
- Top Solana coins you should be watching right now
- Report on Bitcoin and some interesting altcoins setups to keep an eye on
- How to earn 27% APY with AladdinDAO
- A breakdown of Star Atlas, a highly anticipated play-to-earn game on Solana
- AMA with the team from 1inch to discuss their defi protocol
- Latest token sales, airdrops, trending coin report and my portfolio analysis

➡️ Issue 62 (September 9, 2021):
- Some potentially undervalued coins that I am watching now
- Generative art: what it is and why it’s interesting for a crypto investor
- Report for you on the very buzzy Moon River
- Interview with the team from Loop Ring to discuss their layer two scaling solutions
- Tutorial for you on how to earn up to 182% with Bitcoin on Solana

➡️ Issue 61 (September 2, 2021):
- My insights on the NFT market
- Report on some top Kusama parachains for you to keep an eye on
- Review on Mango Markets, a hot new defi protocol on Solana
- How to earn Up to 10,000% APY with Yield Yak on Avalanche
- A Chat with the team from Elrond on their exchange, launchpad, NFTs, and more

➡️ Issue 60 (August 26, 2021):
- My tips on yield farming
- AMA with the team from Cosmos to discuss their new releases
- How to earn 51% APY on Bitcoin using a hot new Solana-based yield farm
- Report on the play-to-earn game Illuvium
- The breakdown of the two biggest layer-two scaling solutions for Ethereum

➡️ Issue 59 (August 19, 2021):
- My thoughts on flipping altcoins
- Report on the new defi platform Tokemak
- Interview with the team from Ecomi about their NFT platform
- Tutorial for you on how to earn big rewards using your Ethereum on Terra

➡️ Issue 58 (August 12, 2021):
- Some low-cap coins you should have on your radar
- Interview with the team from Theta about their move into the NFT space
- A breakdown of Ethereum's EIP 1559
- Report for you on the music streaming service Audius
- How you can earn 46% APY on Maple Finance

➡️ Issue 57 (August 5, 2021):
- Some of my thought on the NFT markets and what you should be looking for when buying NFTs
- Update on Bancor V3
- Report on the altcoin Convex Finance
- Tutorial on how to use Ondo Finance to earn up to 50% APY on ETH
- Interview with the team from Celer Network, a layer-two scaling solution

➡️ Issue 56 (July 29, 2021):
- My portfolio analysis
- A deep dive on the Maiar wallet
- Tutorial on how to start earning 19.4% on your stablecoins with Anchor
- Report on the enterprise blockchain Klatyn
- Interview with Dr. Jemma Green from Power Ledger to discuss how they are disrupting the energy markets

➡️ Issue 55 (July 22, 2021):
- Some cool gaming coins to have on your radar
- Report on how to use Uniswap on layer two
- A look at Bitcoin logarithmic growth curves and what they can tell us about the current market
- Report for you on Automata, one of the newer Binance Launch Pad coins
- Interview with the team from Mercurial Finance to discuss their stablecoin swapping solutions for Solana

➡️ Issue 54 (July 15, 2021):
- My take on BULLISH and Circle SPACs
- 3 hot Cardano-based projects you should keep an eye one
- Report on Solana defi protocol Serum: what makes Serum worth paying attention to?
- How you can earn 50% ROI using insurance protocol Bridge Mutua
- Interview with the team from dTravel on how they are disrupting the travel industry

➡️ Issue 53 (July 8, 2021):
- Where you can get the best BTC rates right now
- Some great yields you can find in the stock market
- Report on the new Cosmos based DEX called Osmosis
- Tutorial on how to earn some awesome yield using Kyber on Polygon
- A deep dive into Bitcoin's Wyckoff pattern
- AMA with the team from Wilder World about their NFT fueled metaverse

➡️ Issue 52 (July 1, 2021):
- Investing in electric vehicle stocks; some EV stocks to keep an eye on
- Report for you on Kusama parachains
- Tutorial on how to earn 30% APY using Curve Finance
- Stock-to-Flow model variances for Bitcoin
- Detailed breakdown on Sovryn, which is a very buzzy Bitcoin-based defi product
- Interview with the team from Demodyfi to discuss their decentralized exchange

➡️ Issue 51 (June 24, 2021):
- My tips on how you can make profits even during a down market
- Tutorial on how to earn 578% APY with Instadapp
- A great breakdown on Stock-to-Flow deviations for Bitcoin
- Report on Polygon defi application DFYN
- Interview with the team from Epik to discuss NFTs

➡️ Issue 50 (June 17, 2021):
- My critical tips to keep your crypto safe
- Report on the Solana AMM Raydium: is worth your money?
- Interview with the team from Occam to discuss how they are bringing defi to Cardano.
- Bitcoin's Stock-to-Flow model
- How to earn 60% on stablecoins using DFYN on Polygon network

➡️ Issue 49 (June 10, 2021):
- Some low-cap altcoins for your consideration and my thoughts on buying altcoins right now
- Detailed report on the Bitcoin Conference in Miami
- Tips on how to survive crypto bear trends
- How To Earn 953% APY with Universe Protocol
- A deep dive on the Bitcoin-based defi protocol Stacks
- Interview with the team from Equalizer to discuss their flashloan solutions and why this is important for defi.

➡️ Issue 48 (June 3, 2021):
- When is the best time to sell your crypto – my thoughts
- Earn 60% on stablecoins with Barn Bridge
- Report on the decentralized exchange Sifchain
- Interview with the team from EPNS to discuss the importance of push notifications within the defi ecosystem.

➡️ Issue 47 (May 27, 2021):
- My thoughts on how you can diversify your portfolio
- Why it is important to have some dry powder on hand at all times
- Interview with the team from Splyt to discuss how they are using NFT technology in ecommerce
- A detailed comparison of the current market correction to the famous March 2020 crash
- Automated dollar cost averaging tutorial
- Report on decentralized exchange player Polka Dex

➡️ Issue 46 (May 20, 2021):
- My breakdown of the market dump
- My thoughts on some coin categories that are massively oversaturated
- Report on the Maiar Exchange
- Is this the end for the market?
- Report on the Internet Computer Dfnity, a hot new entrant to the crypto market
- How to earn 900% using Fantom
- AMA with the team from Deeper Network to discuss their decentralized internet services

➡️ Issue 45 (May 13, 2021):
- My quick guide on how to use Nexus Mutual
- How you can earn good yields with your Ethereum
- Tutorial on how to earn big using SushiSwap
- Report on the hot new Ethereum infrastructure play EPNS
- AMA with the team at Covalent to discuss their crypto indexing service

➡️ Issue 44 (May 6, 2021):
- My thoughts on Ark's new space ETF: could it be ARK's next "golden" ETF play?
- 5 high-potential cryptos on Binance smart chain
- Report on trading platform Kattana
- How you can make 20% on your Ethereum by providing liquidity
- NFTs: are they a threat to artists?
- AMA with the team from Near Protocol

➡️ Issue 43 (April 29, 2021):
- My tips on how to protect your capital and keep making gains as an investor
- My current yield farming strategies
- A guide of the biggest, most reputable applications on Polygon DeFi
- A close look at different Stock-To-Flow models as a predictor in Bitcoin’s price.
- Report on the cloud computing coin Akash Network.
- Interview with the team at Terra, very popular DeFi platform

➡️ Issue 42 (April 22, 2021):
- My thoughts on leverage trading: is it for you and how to do it right
- Report on the Ethereum Push Notification Service
- The anatomy of Bitcoin Bull market retrace
- Report on NFT player Ethernity and thoughts on whether it's right for you
- Interview with the Team from Xend Finance, a DeFi platform for cooperatives and credit unions

➡️ Issue 41 (April 15, 2021):
- My report for you on the top crypto launchpads as well as a few upcoming ones to pay attention to
- Report on what we can likely expect from the market in the coming weeks
- Tutorial on how you can earn 102% lending stablecoins
- Interview with the team from My Neighbor Alice about their hot NFT game
- A deep-dive report on Kylin, the premiere oracle provider for the Polka Dot network

➡️ Issue 40 (April 8, 2021):
- My thoughts on algorithmic stablecoins
- How you can avoid the most common scams in the NFT space
- Report on Energy Web Token a renewable energy play for the crypto market
- Tutorial on how to use Aave via the Polygon network to open a defi loan for pennies
- Interview with the team from Tidal Finance on their Polka Dot-based insurance solutions.

➡️ Issue 39 (April 1, 2021):
- Tips on managing your portfolio
- Ethereum's EIP 1559 upgrade explained
- Tutorial on how to earn Reflexer tokens
- Report on crypto options platform Hegic
- Interview with the team from Moonbeam, one of the buzziest projects building on Polka Dot, to discuss their Ethereum bridging solutions

➡️ Issue 38 (March 25, 2021):
- The best time to enter a new listing
- Are NFTs in a bubble?
- How to earn 105% APR with almost zero gas fees
- Report looking at how Bitcoin typically behaves in the second quarter
- Interview with the team at Ethernity
- Report on the much hyped Zero Exchange

➡️ Issue 37 (March 18, 2021):
- Upcoming Coinbase listings
- Promising gaming coins
- Report on Dego Finance
- An opportunity for you to earn 800% APY
- Interview with The team from Sifchain to discuss their Omni Chain Dex

➡️ Issue 36 (March 11, 2021):
- What is SPAC? Is it a good investment?
- 10 low cap coins for bargain hunters
- How to earn 50% APY by playing a no-loss lottery
- Interview with the team from Robonomics
- Best practices for Internet security: how to keep safe when logging in away from home
- report on Linear Finance

➡️ Issue 35 (March 4, 2021):
- Coinbase IPO
- Tips on when to sell your crypto
- Interview with the team from Umbrella
- Tutorial on staking your Ethereum in ETH 2.0
- Deep dive on Litentry, a new Polka Dot based identity platform.

➡️ Issue 34 (February 25, 2021):
- How to sniff out the best NFTs
- Bridge Mutual discuss their Polka Dot based insurance solutions
- Review on CoinTracker, an all-in-one cryptocurrency tax tool
- E-Money review
- In-depth report on how you can get exposure to NFTs

➡️ Issue 33 (February 18, 2021):
- Tips to help you save on gas fees
- Top defi platforms not on Ethereum you may want to consider trying
- Report looking at the technicals for Litecoin, Monero, and Dash
- Report on DODO exchange: does the hype meet the reality?
- How to use layer two Uniswap competitor Quickswap to earn up to 700% APY for near 0 gas fees
- Reef Finance joins us to discuss their defi solutions

➡️ Issue 32 (February 11, 2021):
- How to find undervalued defi protocols
- Tips on how to get into token sales
- Report on the defi protocol KeeperDao
- Interview with the team from Cresco Finance
- 280% APY opportunity with Index Finance
- ExpressVPN Review

➡️ Issue 31 (February 4, 2021):
- Tips for you find hot gem altcoins
- Genomics and some interesting stocks in this exciting sector
- Increasing your Ethereum exposure via automated leveraged longs
- Interview with the team from the very buzzy Polka Dot legal defi platform Paid Network
- Report on Badger Finance

➡️ Issue 30 (January 28, 2021):
- Defi Pulse Index token: good investment or not?
- Coinbase IPO
- Alpha leak on the yield farm Armor with 1,300% APY
- Importance of using a VPN to keep safe online
- Interview with the team from NFT OG Enjin
- Report on Terra Luna based Mirror Finance, an app that is doing synthetic stocks

➡️ Issue 29 (January 21, 2021):
- Why investing in EV stocks could be a big money maker this decade
- Report on Certik, one of the biggest auditing firms in the crypto space
- Interview with the team from Linear Finance
- How to easily yield farm using Zapper

➡️ Issue 28 (January 14, 2021):
- How to deal with taxes in regards to crypto
- Cannabis stocks: worth investing?
- Interview with the team from Kylin
- Report on 1inch exchange token
- How to earn some insane yield using Alpha Homora

➡️ Issue 27 (January 7, 2021):
- Taking profits and why it is an important thing to keep in mind when markets are pumping
- Some interesting real estate investment trusts to add a bit of diversity to your portfolio
- Tutorial for you on how to earn up to 75-230% APY with Loopring's new liquidity mining program
- Deep dive on Oasis a new privacy focused tech solution
- Interview with the team from Power Trade

➡️ Issue 26 (December 31, 2020):
- Square stocks and whether they are an interesting buy
- Interview with the team from Ramp Defi
- Massive Ledger breach and how to keep your crypto safe
- Report on The Graph
- ESD and DSD coupons
- Thoughts on the Bitcoin dominance, the money flow into
- altcoins and the yearly close for BTC

➡️ Issue 25 (December 24, 2020):
- The RSI: trading tool for both traders and investors
- Investing in silver
- How the recent defi attacks have been happening: understand your risks
- Report on the defi protocol Barn Bridge
- Terra Virtua joins us to discuss how they are shaking up the NFT game
- Tutorial on Defi Dollar

➡️ Issue 24 (December 17, 2020):
- Bitwise 10 crypto index: pros and cons
- Moderna: is their stock is worth considering as we start to see covid vaccines approved around the world?
- Interview with the team from Unilend on their solution for permissionless instant swaps, lending, and borrowing
- Tutorial on how to get up to a 375% APY using defi platform Power Pool
- Report on oracle provider API3

➡️ Issue 23 (December 10, 2020):
- Key crypto insurance protocols: which ones might make good investments?
- AirBNB IPO: is it an interesting buy or not?
- In-depth report on Ampleforth coin
- Interview with the team from Unibright on how they are working to bring enterprise and crypto together
- Tutorial on how to use Alpha Homora, a new product by Alpha Finance
- Breakdown on the Bitcoin 4-year cycle

➡️ Issue 22 (December 3, 2020):
- How to keep yourself safe while using defi
- The hottest Bitcoin mining stocks
- Report on Mike Novogratz's newest crypto purchase Terra Luna
- Article on how Ethereum challengers like Polka Dot and Cardano can capture market share
- Interview with Milana Valmont of Kira Network about the power of being able to stake any crypto asset
- Tutorial on Power Pool which allows for the automation of cashflows via their defi index

➡️ Issue 21 (November 26, 2020):
- Defi blue chips: which ones are the most interesting from an investment perspective?
- Top renewable energy stock picks
- Tutorial on Empty Dollar Set
- Report on insurance player Nsure
- Challenges facing Ethereum on the road to 2.0
- Interview with the team from Orion Protocol

➡️ Issue 20 (November 19, 2020):
- Staking options for ETH 2.0
- Is Paypal stock a good idea?
- Tutorial on how to make limit orders using a decentralized exchange
- Report on Axie Infinity, think Pokemon on the blockchain
- Why NFT art is going to be a big deal
- Interview with the team from APY Finance about their exciting defi solutions

➡️ Issue 19 (November 12, 2020):
- How you can invest in international stocks markets using your domestic account
- Interview with the team from OG NFT player Enjin on crypto gaming
- Educational piece on smart contracts
- How to use a decentralized exchange aggregator
- Report for you on new defi protocol Definer

➡️ Issue 18 (November 5, 2020):
- Should you be a trader or an investor
- Top 5 electric vehicle stocks you may want to keep an eye on
- Money Flow Channels of Bitcoin
- Interview with the team from Cosmos NFT player Persistance
- Tutorial on how to hedge yourself using options
- Breakdown on ETH 2.0 and what it means
- In-depth report on NFT play Aavegotchi

➡️ Issue 17 (October 29, 2020):
- Why to use stop losses and how they can protect your capital
- Ark Invest and their highly profitable ETFs
- Interview with the team at Injective protocol
- Tutorial on the Pool Together no loss lottery
- Report for you on Polka Starter
- Cardano Goguen upgrade and why it is so significant

➡️ Issue 16 (22 October, 2020):
- The basics of understanding market cycles
- Whether is it better to invest in growth stocks or dividend stocks
- Interview with the team from Origin Trail on how they are using blockchain tech to secure global supply chains
- Wrapped Bitcoin: risks, current state, and future
- How to get 170% APY with defi perpetual markets
- Report on Red Fox Labs an NFT and crypto gaming play

➡️ Issue 15 (October 15, 2020):
- Practical tips on keeping your fees low
- Report on NFT marketplace Rari
- Interview with Alice Corsini from pNetwork about their defi token and why cross chain defi is so important
- How to hedge with the DeFi Pulse Index Liquidity Pool on Uniswap

➡️ Issue 14 (October 8, 2020):
- How diverse your crypto portfolio should be
- 3 solid dividend stocks to have on your radar
- Report on Skale network
- Tutorial on how to use PieDAO and their crypto "ETF" products
- Interview with the Team from Secret Network on why privacy is such an important part of defi.
- Why interoperability it so import for crypto
- Artist Matt Kane on digital art and why we should be paying attention to it

➡️ Issue 13 (October 1, 2020):
- How your hidden biases may be sabotaging your investing goals
- Some of the most important crypto companies that are growing adoption
- Review on Parsiq
- Tutorial for you on how to farm rare NFTs
- Interview with Jeff Kirdeikis from Trustswap

➡️ Issue 12 (September 24, 2020):
- Investing time frames and how to get involved in the NFT craze
- NFTs breakdown: and why they are such a big deal
- Interview with Erick Pinos from Ontology
- How you can claim and earn the Uniswap UNI token
- Report on the Polka Dot player Robonomics

➡️ Issue 11 (September 17, 2020):
- When to cut a losing position
- Interview with the team from Matic on how they are enabling layer two defi to come to life
- Practical tips about preserving your privacy when using crypto
report comparing Chainlink, Tellor, and Band
- A sneaky Ethereum yield hack for you
- Review on the Polka Dot player Stafi: is it really worth the hype?

➡️ Issue 10 (September 10, 2020):
- Why long-term thinking is so important in crypto
- 5 amazing staking opportunities
- Tips on how to avoid being scammed when investing
- Report on Polka Dot player ChainX

➡️ Issue 9 (September 3, 2020)
- Defi insurance
- Tips for finding good entries
- Pros and cons of using different market data sites
- Report on Orchid

➡️ Issue 8 (August 27, 2020):
- Ethereum layer two solutions
- Tutorial on Coingecko and finding markets
- Interview with Keli from Algorand
- Simple step by step instructions how to earn awesome yields using defi
- Reminders for you on taking your security seriously
- Report on Mantra Dao, a new polka dot defi player

➡️ Issue 7 (August 20, 2020)
- CRV launch debacle
- Interview with Brian Kerr, the founder of Kava: latest news, Cosmos ecosystem
- How to pay as little in taxes as legally possible from your crypto plays
- Report on the 3 most important defi players built on Elrond.
- Research report on defi power house Metastable

➡️ Issue 6 (August 13, 2020):
- Reminder of why we need to protect our capital
- How to keep fees down when using Ethereum
- How you can keep yourself safe by using defi insurance on Ethereum
- Report on Swingby
- Discussion on why Elrond is a game changing crypto

➡️ Issue 5 (August 6, 2020):
- How to manage your risk in crypto
- Interview with the team at Bancor regarding V2 upgrade
- Benefits of using tokenized gold in your portfolio
- Research report on Aleph

➡️ Issue 4 (July 30, 2020):
- Report for us on LCX
- With the team from Swissborg
- Best rates that you can get in defi

➡️ Issue 3 (July 23, 2020):
- Practical reminders about keeping your crypto safe
- Passing on your crypto after you die: what you need to know
- Research report on BZRX token

➡️ Issue 2 (July 16, 2020):
- Interview with founder of Elrond
- Is Defi for you?
- Polkadot review
- Defi Money Market research report

➡️ Issue 1 (July 9, 2020):
- Interview with founder of Kyber about Katalyst upgrade,
- Pros and cons of getting a second passport
- Flash loans
- Research on Balancer, a defi protocol

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