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Will Non-Tumbling divisions change name? 🧐

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The non-tumbling divisions have been going through a LOT this week! 😧 And still, more division changes might be coming soon…
Summary of this week:
  • No more Paid bids for non-tumbling teams?
  • Will the non-tumbling divisions change name?
  • New executive director for the World Allstar Federation (+ why that’s interesting)
  • Poll results: here’s what you would change the Non-Tumbling name to
  • Phone wallpaper
  • & more!

No more paid bids for Non-Tumbling teams?
The USASF seems to have announced* that paid bids will no longer be given out to Non-tumbling teams.
*As almost always, the information is still a bit unclear since they haven’t shared this information publicly yet.
A bid is basically an invitation to compete at Worlds, since only teams who have earned bids are allowed to compete.
Paid bids typically mean all expenses for attending the competition are paid for, and are typically only given out to the top-scoring teams at select competitions. 
With an at-large or partial-paid bid, the teams must pay for more of the competition costs.
Many people find this confusing, since it appears as if non-tumbling teams are “worth less” than others. The fact that they are the largest Worlds divisions makes it even stranger.
Should & will the Non-Tumbling divisions change name?
Renaming the Non-Tumbling divisions has been discussed for a while, but has recently been brought up again. 
Why? Because the current name focuses on what athletes don’t do, rather than what they do.
Many believe that the division name sounds negative, and should be changed to something that better reflects the divisions and skills.
Some suggestions we have seen so far are “All lifting”, “All building” and Building + the level, like “Building 6.0”.
We asked you guys on our Instagram story what you think - scroll down to see the poll results! 📊
New executive director for the World Allstar Federation
A few months back, we talked about the announcement of the “World Allstar Federation” (click here if you missed it).
It has now been announced that their Executive Director is the former IASF & USASF Worlds Director, Les Stella.
Now here’s why this is… interesting…👀
When he stepped down from the IASF last year, he wasn’t allowed to work with cheerleading for 18 months.
That was because in his contract with Varsity, there was a “non-compete” agreement, which means:
Essentially, a non-compete agreement prohibits the employee from competing with the business directly or indirectly for a specific duration of time after their employment has ended.“ - Thomson Reuters legal.
Here’s parts of what Les said when he left the IASF, and took on new roles:
"With this decision, I am under an 18 month non-compete agreement so you will not be hearing from me for a while. Maybe, on July 1st, 2022, I will think about getting back into the All Star Cheer and Dance industry.”
“So blessed to be given this opportunity (especially since I cannot work in the Cheer industry until next July due to my non-compete with Varsity).”
Now here we are 18 months later, in July 2022, and he’s already back! + Working for what’s basically his former competitors as well.
Interesting, to say the least! 🧐
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How fitting, since most of this newsletter is about non-tumbling! 🙌
Or should we say all building? Or all lifting?
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Poll of the week: What would you change the Non-Tumbling division name to?
  • 4% of you said “All lifting”
  • 26% of you said “All building”
  • 70% of you said to keep Non-tumbling
Follow our Instagram (@the.cheerbuzz) to vote in the next poll!
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