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The competition of competitions 😵‍💫

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Happy Monday everyone! We’ve got some very interesting news to cover this week.
Feeling like you’ve heard the word “lawsuit” a lot in the cheerleading world recently? Looks like it won’t be over anytime soon…
Summary of this week:
  • More info about the new Varsity end-of-season competition
  • New article about the Varsity lawsuits & Open Championship Series
  • Rockstar Cheer opens (takes over) gym in Massachusetts
  • Vote for the best 2022 stunts
  • Poll of the week results
  • Phone wallpaper
  • & more!

More info about the new Varsity end-of-season competition
We’ve previously discussed Varsity’s newest “end-of-season” competition.
In this past newsletter, you can read more about the announcement + how it could be a move to take away some of the Allstar World Championship’s success.
Varsity has now announced more details about the event!
The competition is called “The Celebration” and will be open to “all star elite, all star prep and rec cheer teams of all ages and levels…”
No bids will be required to attend the competition.
New article about the Varsity lawsuits & Open Championship Series
Speaking of Varsity and The Open Championship Series (who organize the Allstar World Championship) - a new article about them has been published.
The article covers many topics, like the companies’ constant back and forth competition with each other.
It seems like as soon as one company creates a successful competition, the other one follows… 🔄 Just like with “The Celebration” we talked about above.
Here’s a part of the article:
“Under the banner of Revolution Championships, a company Owens and Weber jointly formed just weeks before the pandemic struck, they spent $50,000 to rent out the convention center 30 miles away in Fort Worth, for the same week the NCA was scheduled. If Varsity’s event didn’t happen, their plan was to jump in and sweep up its customer base.
Sure enough, their bet paid off when Varsity announced that the NCA would go virtual.
Immediately after that news broke, Revolution Championships took to social media to promote the new, in-person Fort Worth event, Gold Rush. The on-the-fly effort ended up landing 325 teams.”
They also mention that the lawsuits are expected to take a long time to resolve, likely at least until late 2023.
You can also read more about the lawsuits on our website.
Rockstar Cheer opens (takes over) gym in Massachusetts
Just last week, we wrote about Cheer Extreme taking over the Flip City gym in Florida.
Rockstar Cheer has also announced a new gym, in the state of Massachusetts. They will take over the already existing gym called Premier Spirit Athletics.
Vote for the best 2022 stunts
We’re thinking of making YouTube videos of your favorite 2022 stunts! (If we can find copyright free videos of them)
This week's...
Most popular article
100 Cheerleading Routine Theme Ideas
Most popular quiz/poll
Wallpaper: the Large Coed teams!
Poll of the week: If you’ll have kids - do you want them to cheer?
  • 77% said yes
  • 2% said no
  • 8% said that your kids already cheer
  • 12% said that you’re not sure!
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