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Thought nothing happens in cheerleading during summer? Oh no, we have lots of news this week 🫢 You’ll also find our first poll of the week!
Summary of this week:
  • A new cheerleading federation has been announced
  • Cheer Extreme takes over gym in Florida
  • Rebel Athletic criticized for “blue lives matter” Instagram post
  • Our first “poll of the week” results
  • Phone wallpaper
  • & more!

A new cheerleading federation has been announced
A new organization, called the “Allstar World Federation” has been announced.
The federation is an independent organization and does not seem affiliated with the USASF/IASF or Varsity in any way.
In their first announcement, they wrote:
We haven’t entered into this lightly. The World Allstar Federation will ensure our industry does better, keeps getting better, and provides options for gym owners, coaches, athletes, and fans. We cannot sit back and be silent anymore. We will not forget the power we have as a community. We must find our voices and work together to help this industry become everything it was meant to be. 
They also indirectly address some of the ongoing issues in the sport, like it not being a “fair and free market”, lack of transparency, and more.
What does this remind us of? Yes, the lawsuits against the USASF, Varsity & others… Click here to read about the lawsuits!
Much about this new federation is still unclear, but there will be a meeting in August (click here to read more) which will probably answer many questions.
Cheer Extreme takes over gym in Florida
What was once the Flip City gym in Florida will now be another Cheer Extreme gym location!
This new gym addition will be (assuming their website is up to date) Cheer Extreme’s 11th (!) gym location 😳
Rebel Athletic criticized for "blue lives matter" Instagram post
DISCLAIMER: We’re only stating what happened and why it’s being talked about. We don’t put any personal beliefs in this and we encourage you to form your own opinion. The overall topic may not relate to cheerleading as a sport, but since this has to do with a major company in the sport - we will still bring it up.
End of rant… Now let’s talk about what happened.
People have been criticizing Rebel Athletic for an Instagram post they published. It’s a photo of a uniform they helped create for a rodeo show and many were upset to see the “blue lives matter” flag on its chest.
Supposedly, the flag was attached later and not made by Rebel, but many are still upset that the company chose to promote the uniform.
Now, what even is the “blue lives matter” flag? Why are people upset?
This is what says:
According to the Blue Lives Matter NYC website, the organization was established to support police officers and their families during times of need.
Sounds like a good cause, right? While the intention seems good, the flag and its meaning have become very controversial in some situations.
Here’s from this article about a police chief deciding to ban the flag:
The “Thin Blue Line” flag, which resembles an American flag but has a blue stripe, is a sign of support for law enforcement but has also come to signal opposition to the racial justice movement and a symbol of white supremacy or support for the Blue Lives Matter cause.
💭 What do you think? Does this matter? Should Rebel have avoided posting it? Were they right to post? Reply to this email & let us know!
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Poll of the week:
“What do you like the most - stunts or pyramids?”
  • 70% said stunts
  • 30% said pyramids
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