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Summary of this week:
  • Jerry Harris’s sentencing is scheduled for TOMORROW
  • This weekend: ICU European Cheerleading Championship
  • Varsity’s parent company acquires streaming provider
  • Top Summit team stunts of 2022
  • Jumps vs tumbling poll results
  • Phone wallpaper
  • & more!

Jerry Harris's sentencing is scheduled for TOMORROW
Jerry Harris has been held in prison since 2020 when he was arrested.
Earlier this year, he pleaded guilty after previously denying the charges. His sentencing is scheduled for tomorrow, June 28th. 
According to the latest details, he may only get 15 years in prison, even though he is facing a maximum of 50. However, Jerry’s legal team wants the sentence reduced to just 6 years…
Here’s a section of this article:
“Prosecutors called Harris’ actions horrific, but noted his rough childhood also factored into their recommendation of a somewhat lenient 15-year sentence.
They’ve also requested he get 10 years of supervised release once he gets out of prison.
For his part, Jerry’s legal team is trying to convince the judge to give him an even lighter sentence of 6 years in prison, and 8 years supervised release.”
We’ll follow the case and update you in next week’s newsletter - on what ultimately happened and why.
This weekend: ICU European Cheerleading Championship
The competition season is STILL not over for everyone (the “normal” cheer season, not the January-December season used in some countries)!
This weekend (July 1-3), the European Cheerleading Championship takes place in Athens, Greece.
21 countries will be competing across levels 4-6. Click here to see the schedule!
You can also learn more about the event on the official website, by clicking here.
Varsity's parent company acquires streaming provider
First of all, you should know this to understand what’s happening: Varsity is owned by an investment firm called Bain Capital.
Want to read all about Varsity’s history & the lawsuits? Click here for part 1 & here for part 2.
In those articles, we mentioned Varsity’s partnership with FloSports, creating FloCheer:
“2016: Varsity entered an 8-year agreement with FloSports, and FloCheer was formed. The companies will provide livestream coverage of The Cheerleading Worlds and Dance Worlds. Users must pay to watch, even their own team.”
If the agreement isn’t extended, it means it will end in 2024.
Bain Capital (together with another company) has now acquired a company called “Deltatre”. Here’s what they do:
“Deltatre has grown into a market leader in over-the-top streaming, website and app development, graphics, data, officiating systems, broadcast production, user experience, and product design, revolutionizing how media is consumed globally. It helps sports rights owners and rights holders to better engage with fans and ultimately increase monetization opportunities.”
Is this a move to “increase monetization opportunities”, aka make more money, or will this have nothing to do with Varsity? Time will probably tell 👀
Let's include this, because why not?
Category is… REVEAL. We weren’t holding back in our stunt camp uniform runway show! #loco4coco #crown
This week's...
Most popular article
Guide: The Top 7 Best Cheerleading Shoes (Ranked by Actual Athletes)
Most popular quiz/poll
New YouTube video
First up were Worlds teams, now Summit teams!
Top 10 Best Stunts of 2022 - Voted by the Public (Summit Teams)
Some of the teams in the “top Summit team stunts” video:
Poll of the week: What do you like the most, jumps or tumbling?
  • 73% of you said tumbling
  • 27% of you said jumps
Follow our Instagram (@the.cheerbuzz) to vote in the next poll!
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