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First time ever! 🥳

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Hey there everyone! We have some very exciting news this week (finally only positive ones) + it’s your last chance to vote for the best stunts of 2022…
So let’s not waste any more time and get going!
Summary of this week:
  • Cheerleading at the Special Olympics USA Games (first time ever)
  • Last day to vote for your favorite 2022 stunts! (Worlds & Summit)
  • We’re taking a break next week
  • Running vs standing tumbling poll results
  • Phone wallpaper
  • & more!

Cheerleading at the Special Olympics USA Games (first time ever)
Competitive cheerleading will be a part of the “Special Olympics USA Games” for the first time ever!
Here’s the official explanation of what Special Olympics do as an organization:
“Special Olympics is a global movement that unleashes the human spirit every day around the world through the transformative power and joy of sport. Through programming in sports, health, education and community building, Special Olympics is tackling the inactivity, stigma, isolation, and injustice that people with intellectual disabilities (ID) face. Our work goes far beyond sports events, driving social change that enables full social participation for people with ID.”
The USA Games is one of the events they organize, and it takes place this week in Orlando, Florida.
As stated, competitive cheerleading will be part of the event for the first time!
150+ cheer athletes will compete today (June 6th) & tomorrow (June 7th). It looks like the event is broadcasted on ESPN, so make sure to take a look if you have the channel or live stream subscription!
Last day to vote for your favorite 2022 stunts!
Today (Monday) is your last chance to vote for the best 2022 stunt 📊
2800+ votes have been cast already, but you still have the opportunity to affect the results!
We’ll be posting videos with the top stunts on our youtube channel (if we can find copyright-free videos…)
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We're taking a break next week
Summertime = a little less cheerleading = a few more breaks ☀️
There won’t be a newsletter next Monday, but we’ll be back next week as usual!
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Most popular quiz/poll
Poll: Vote for Your Favorite Cheer Extreme Senior Elite Uniform
Poll of the week: Do you like standing or running tumbling the most?
  • 13% said standing
  • 61% said running
  • 26% said “Neither..? I don’t like tumbling lol”
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