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Varsity announces another new competition
Varsity has announced a new competition for next season. We don’t know much yet, but it will be held in Tampa, Florida and be “open to ALL teams”.
We have previously covered that Varsity will also organize a new “Youth Summit”, after taking away youth divisions at The Summit.
In that newsletter, we discussed how people believed Varsity added the Youth Summit to take away from the popularity of the Allstar World Championship (which isn’t held by Varsity.)
This new competition also adds to the theory… here’s why.
The Allstar World Championship was held on April 21-23 this year.
When will the new Varsity competition be held next year? On April 22-23… (following the Youth Summit that will be held from April 20-21).
Here’s the announcement:
💬 What do you think? Are they trying to take over another independent event producer? (You can read about how they’ve done so in the past here). Will you compete at the new Varsity events? Or the Allstar World Championship? Reply to this email and let us know!
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