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The Aspiring Nerd - Issue #9

Thank the NSA for the WannaCrypt ransomware outbreak, see how Google wants a 'AI-First' world and unf

The Aspiring Nerd

May 19 · Issue #9 · View online
(Mostly) weekly curated articles at the crossroads of web marketing, development and technology.

Thank the NSA for the WannaCrypt ransomware outbreak, see how Google wants a ‘AI-First’ world and unfortunately the FCC are still douchebags!

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Bits and pieces
Take a look at Apple’s New Campus. If you have time (and a huge coffee), go read Physiognomy’s New Clothes about the risks of training on biased data and the scientific racism that appears with it. Interesting interview with Ross Anderson (security engineering prof. at Cambridge University) on the digital revolution, cybersecurity, hacking, crime, network effects and game theory. See how new digital tools mean that hackers don’t even need to have any skills to wage cyberattacks anymore. Continue with how the new Persirai botnet uses exploit to infect 120,000+ connected cameras. And finish with the necessary preparation for the cyberattack that will knock out U.S. power grids. Oh yes, also, plenty of pleasure to come if the U.S. actually expands the airline laptop ban to Europe.
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