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Kevin Patton
Kevin Patton
A new week, a new variant. Um, I mean… a new edition.

Life Science
Why Do Smells Trigger Strong Memories? | Live Science
Diabetes: Night-shift workers who eat only during the day may lower risk of type 2 diabetes | New Scientist
Sleep Apnea Tied to Risk for Severe COVID-19 | MedPage Today
mRNA vaccination induces tick resistance and prevents transmission of the Lyme disease agent
COVID reinfections likely within one or two years, models propose
Omicron variant: Can we adapt covid-19 vaccines fast enough to make a difference? | New Scientist
Omicron is supercharging the COVID vaccine booster debate
Teaching & Learning
Ungrading: an FAQ
Tool use and languages: Brain study reveals close links between using tools and understanding sentences | New Scientist
TAPP News & Notes
More Quizzing About Kevin’s Wacky Testing Scheme | Book Club | TAPP 100
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Kevin Patton
Kevin Patton @theAPprofessor

For Faculty Teaching Anatomy & Physiology | Curated by Kevin Patton

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