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Kevin Patton
Kevin Patton
Hey, it’s time for a new set of updates and headlines!

Life Science
5 Amazing Things About The Human Body
Length of REM Sleep Linked to Body Temperature
People With Complete Paralysis Walk Again After Nerve Stimulation Breakthrough
Neurons That Restore Walking After Paralysis Identified
Is Muscle Weakness the New Smoking? Grip Strength Tied to Accelerated Biological Age
The Microbiota Is Not an Organ: Introducing the Muco-Microbiotic Layer as a Novel Morphofunctional Structure
What Happened to the Hominids Who May Have Been Smarter Than Us?
Genetic variant carried by 60% of Europeans predisposes people to slimness
Teaching & Learning
New Neuroscience Reveals the Best Way to Structure Your Workday
TAPP News & Notes
The Poop Episode | Using Fecal Changes to Monitor Health | TAPP 121
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Kevin Patton
Kevin Patton @theAPprofessor

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