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Kevin Patton
Kevin Patton
It’s time for the midweek edition of your favorite news roundup for A&P faculty!

Life Science
Mapping Out What Makes the Heart Tick | The Scientist Magazine®
Mites that mate on our faces at night face extinction threat | Zoology | The Guardian
Theta Waves: A Marker of Emotional Regulation - Neuroscience News
No More Binge Eating: Signal Pathway in the Brain That Controls Food Intake Discovered - Neuroscience News
Friends Who 'Click' Have Something Peculiar in Common: Their Smell
Light exposure at night linked to obesity, hypertension and diabetes among older adults
Biggest bacterium ever discovered shakes our view of the single-celled world
Teaching & Learning
‘It’s Not About the Evidence Anymore’
TAPP News & Notes
Sins Against Science - A Chat with Judi Nath | TAPP 110
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Kevin Patton
Kevin Patton @theAPprofessor

For Faculty Teaching Anatomy & Physiology | Curated by Kevin Patton

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