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Kevin Patton
Kevin Patton
Back from spring break! Back in body, perhaps not in mind.

Life Science
Man Receives Transplanted Heart from Genetically Modified Pig | The Scientist Magazine®
Neurons Act Not As Simple Logic Gates, But As Complex, Multi-Unit Processing Systems
Future evolution: from looks to brains and personality, how will humans change in the next 10,000 years?
Could Exercise Be a Behavioral Adjuvant for Vaccines? | Technology Networks
Immunity to past colds might make COVID-19 worse - Futurity
‘You can’t get back specimens’: Ukrainian scientists rush to save irreplaceable collections | Science | AAAS
Pet Hamsters Spread SARS-CoV-2 in Hong Kong: Preprint | The Scientist Magazine®
Teaching & Learning
POSTERS — Organise Ideas
To Keep Students in STEM fields, Let’s Weed Out the Weed-out Math Classes
TAPP News & Notes
Digesting Foods and Fads - A Chat with Judi Nath | TAPP 111
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Kevin Patton
Kevin Patton @theAPprofessor

News for Faculty Teaching Anatomy & Physiology | Curated by Kevin Patton

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