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The Mojisola Report - Issue #50

This is the 50th issue of the Mojisola Report on and we are elated! In this issue, we reflec
The Mojisola Report
The Mojisola Report - Issue #50
By The Afropole • Issue #50 • View online
This is the 50th issue of the Mojisola Report on and we are elated! In this issue, we reflect on our top 5 issues and discuss what we hope the next 50 issues will bring. Let’s get inside!

50 down, forever to go.
We are grateful for this incredible milestone. For the opportunity to bring you new, interesting and educational content on what Africans and Afrodiasporans are doing around the world. We hope you are connecting with the articles and that you are being challenged to look outside of your comfort zone for inspiration. We are excited to ensure that this newsletter transforms into a community of people interested and invested in the #buildblackglobally ideals. Be on the look out for ways to connect online and in person over the course of the next couple of months, and follow us on instagram and twitter to ensure you are part of the conversation!
You can always reply to this very email with your ideas, thoughts, comments, concerns or things you would like to see featured.
Thank you for rockin’ with us, and cheers to the next 50!
Amma Aboagye- Founding Curator, The Afropole
Our Top 5
5. Black to Basics
I loved this one because it followed our Girls Gone Global event in DC last year where we highlighted Afrodiasporan women from around the world building amazing businesses. It also featured early explorations of Afircan fashion in American pop culture, something that kick-started the idea to host the Wax Print Fest. That’s what we hope these issues do for you– spark new ideas and reveal hidden opportunities. 
4. Our food, our business, our culture
I Stan a good exploration of Afrodiasporan food ways, and this issue did not disappoint. From spicing up traditional West African dishes to exploring Black American food experiences, this issue was definitely mouth watering. Now that Whole Foods has declared West African food a trend for 2020, I anticipate we will be seeing a lot more of these savory takes in the coming issues.
3. We Work Hard, We Play Hard- Together!
In this issue, we explore the relationship between Senegal and Cuba’s musical evolution. Its awesome to see the ways in which our cultural relics connect us. This issue highlighted black ownership and representation in music and film— places where we continue to set the pace and make new strides, even if we are not getting the recognition we deserve.
2. Black Earth, Let's Talk
It has been said that climate change is inherently a class and race issue that is compounded for those who are poor and minorities. That’s why this issue makes second on my list by showcasing the ways in which Afrodiasporans are contributing to greening the earth and ensuring we are not left behind in the worsening climate crisis. This is an ode to the Captain Planet’s, doing their part to save the earth.
1. Playing your part : The Black Evolution
This one was my fave because first, it celebrates us. And really, that should be that on that. But secondly, it also highlights the ways in which we are contributing to a diverse array of intersectional spaces, ie. leading scientific research in the beauty sector, two areas people often see as opposed but which are quite related. And finally, it highlights women, the engine of society, proving that the future is truly female!
Join us in Accra for the #YearofReturn2019!
Click the image to purchase tickets!
Click the image to purchase tickets!
If you are in Accra for this Year of Return, make sure to check out the We The Culture CirqMixer. The #WTCirqMixer connects Diasporans, returnees and residents interested in working, living in or helping build Ghana. Guests will participate in a fun guided networking experience to engage in real conversations on the logistics of relocating to and living in Ghana, building meaningful relationships, and navigating being ‘in-between’. Attendees will also get to explore potential business, investment, creative and social impact opportunities.
This year went by super fast, take some time to celebrate how you conquered fear this year!
This year went by super fast, take some time to celebrate how you conquered fear this year!
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