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better days.

better days.
By Jonah Malin • Issue #9 • View online

It disturbs me to some degree.
How desperate we are for the high of attention. A single moment of acknowledgment we crave like a good drug.
The truth is, most creatives will spend their lives in the barely relevant realm. Making little money on the side of a full-time career. Occasionally popping off before being dragged back down to reality.
You will find better days in the depths of creation.
When the right words finally flow from a writer’s fingertips to page making hours of tinkering, over-caffeinated eyes, and fading sunlight worthwhile. When the painter’s canvas hints at the signs of a finished product.
Attention will never satisfy your needs. Chase it and you’ll become a domesticated bird flapping its clipped wings, unaware that flight is a fleeting endeavor.
You will find better days in the depths of creation.
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Jonah Malin

short, occasionally flagrant stories on art and life.

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