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By Elizabeth Filips

If you love books, this is for you.
I’ll send you a summary, my honest thoughts, key takeaways and highlights from books as I read them. You can benefit from great authors even if you don’t have the chance to get your hands on their work.
I love science, philosophy, psychology and literature. I’m always up for recommendations too.
I promise you a hectic, inconsistent and honest journey 🪄

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Shoe Dog: When Work is Play

I thought this was going to be a dry business book about the founding of Nike, but it was a full life story of its founder, background and all, emotions and all, struggle and all. It reads less like a business education and more like a life education. I wou...


The Science and Art of Receiving Feedback Well

I bought this book after hearing and loving the author on a Tim Ferris podcast.I'm a firm believer that not being taught/educated on understanding our emotions and thoughts and how to process them is like expecting people to reinvent the laws of physics and...


🎧 Eating Disorders | Huberman Labs

Heya, I try to listen to quite a few podcasts, so I thought I would summarise them in this newsletter, just in case you don't have time/energy to listen to them yourself, or if you'd like some information on a topic you wouldn't be inclined to sit through a...


Algorithms to Live By

This is a book that brings algorithms to everyday, real life practice. It explores how they can be applied to our normal problems. It started by stating that although we seem uncomfortable with applying algorithms to our life, we use them every day: followi...


The Science of Storytelling

I bought this book hoping I'd learn a bit more about the structure of stories and how to better analyse them. I loved it.The main mindset shift the book offered was to view the story from the perspective of the character, as the plot itself just being there...


The 1-Page Marketing Plan

I've been reading more about business and marketing in the attempt to become better at my current job as strategy consultant. I've found my notions around successful businesses (especially those of creators) wildly off-base and romantic.I used to think it j...


Irresistible by Adam Atler

I first approached this book thinking it was going to be another cliche approach to "addiction is bad" and try to fuel some unrealistic, toxic-productivity, forced-detox vibes. But it actually made some great points. I did enjoy it in the end :)Book: Irresi...


How to Suffer Successfully

I've really needed some philosophy to distract myself this week. I'm adding all my notes. It's a long one.Book - How Proust Can Change Your Life, Alain de BottonStill reading - a bunch of "business books" for workWhat I got from the book: a new outlook: how...


Why we're all bad parents to ourselves

📕 The book: Unconditional Parenting, Alfie KohnIntended audience: probably parents on how to better parent. How I read it: deconstructing my childhood, understanding how I treat myself now, keeping lots of notes for when I (hopefully) get to be a parent. Re...


Time Enough For Love

Here goes. My first newsletter on a weird but wonderful book I recently read. I'd appreciate any thoughts on the structuring of things!📕 The book: Time Enough for Love, Robert HeinleinA story about a man who has lived for millennia in a futuristic universe,...