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The Job: So Long, 2021

The Job
Happy New Year
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It’s been a newsy nine months on these beats, amid the Great Resignation, higher education’s ongoing enrollment crisis, new research on the ROI for college, and a growing belief that career development for college students is a social justice priority. With Work Shift, the newsletter’s sister publication, I’ve been able to highlight reporting and opinion writing on how these issues are playing out around the country.
Some of my favorite pieces from the year are below. To see more of this sophisticated independent journalism, please consider making a donation to the nonprofit Work Shift. Your gift will help us continue to publish work from the talented reporters and writers who’ve made this new publication a must read on the connections between education and work.
Thanks again for reading, and to the many of you who are also sources for our reporting. We appreciate your time and expertise. Please keep the tips coming! – PF
Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash
Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash
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Highlights from the Year
Employers are loosening degree requirements. But will it last?
Do we know what jobs are in high demand?
ASU goes big with work-based learning ‘marketplace’
Opinion: We need a 'no results, no funding' workforce policy
Opinion: To expand opportunity, rethink what counts as a 'successful' career path
When 'anything could happen,' students opt for shorter programs
Community colleges keep losing students. Can targeted programs change that?
Can microinternships help more women break into tech?
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