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Tweet Tweet: Musk Flys In

Tweet Tweet: Musk Flys In
By Keith Teare • Issue #305 • View online
This week Elon Musk joined Twitter’s Board and Roelof Botha was named head of Sequoia. The UK made a bid to become the crypto capital of the World, and Substack announced improved Podcasting and Editing tools.

Ready For Action
Ready For Action
Elon Musk is very wealthy. The $2.5 billion he invested in buying 9.2% of Twitter is less than 1% of his net worth. With that, he bought the attention of Twitter’s Board of Directors and is now firmly ensconced in the boardroom.
Elon and the Twitter management do not see eye to eye. As a result, after initially telling the SEC he would be a passive investor he re-submitted saying he would be an activist.
David Sacks, speaking on CNBC’s TechCheck said that he expects Musk to be a strong supporter of free speech, opposing censorship based on what a person or entity says. Sacks argued that Twitter is now a “town square” and as such should have first amendment rights extended to it. He made an excellent case. Watch it here:
There needs to be a change in policy, not technology, for Twitter: Craft Ventures' David Sacks
There needs to be a change in policy, not technology, for Twitter: Craft Ventures' David Sacks
The first amendment protects public pronouncements from Government censorship. It does not cover the same pronouncements from private spaces governed by others. Sacks argues that the large social media platforms are public spaces that need protection from censorship by private owners for all intents and purposes. A private owner of public space is a new concept.
That Was The Week has consistently opposed the censoring of free speech on social media. Others have argued that a private company can decide what to allow and not to let on its service. That is correct, but also a problem.
Free speech needs to be protected wherever humans gather in large numbers to hear each other. Today that includes Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and elsewhere. The ethics of closing down points of view one disagrees with are clear. You cross the line from liberal, open and democratic into the zone of authoritarian. Stating that a company has the right to do that makes it no less authoritarian.
We wish Elon good luck in any effort he makes to defend open democratic discourse on the most critical platforms for expression the human race has so far invented.
Also in this week’s newsletter. An outstanding report from Lightspeed Ventures makes our essay of the week. It covers the latest on remote work and our desires to retain many of the elements of work born during the pandemic. I link to the announcement/summary and also the full report. If you need to manage partly or mainly remote teams, then check out Kadence. I am an investor.
For those who saw that I was away last week being given an honorary doctorate by Kent University, I am embedding the video of my presentation and a short talk.
University of Kent Honorary Doctorate-Keith Teare-Friday 1 April
University of Kent Honorary Doctorate-Keith Teare-Friday 1 April
Tweet Tweet: Musk Flys In
Tweet Tweet: Musk Flys In
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