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The Internet in War Time

The Internet in War Time
By Keith Teare • Issue #299 • View online
This week we look at the Internet in War Time. Ukrainians are using it effectively. Meta, Youtube, and others are banning Russian content. Coinbase and Binance are not banning Russian content. Big Tech seems compliant with government requests. Is the Internet for good or for bad?

Let’s start with this week’s Tweet of the Week. It seems that I am about to become a Doctor. My University - Kent University in the UK - has announced that it is honoring me at a ceremony to be held in Canterbury on April 1st (ominous I know). I am assured it is not an April fools trick. But I am kinda surprised, while very grateful.
My focus on change was fuelled at Kent. I studied British Constitution and Politics with Sociology. I did minors in Social and Economic History and Economics including Statistics.
When I arrived in Kent as a 19-year old I was already a rebel focused on change. The atmosphere in 1973 was full of Vietnam, Ireland, Immigration and Racism, Nationalism and the collapse of the Eastern Bloc soon followed.
My classes provided ample opportunity to develop ideas and debate them. I loved every minute. I never completed my Ph.D. because I became focused on being an activist (Workers Against Racism and the Irish Freedom Movement) and started writing, speaking, and being active on issues. Kent always encouraged my critical thinking, questioning, and problem solving against the world’s biggest problems. I learned to code in the first year of my Ph.D. and never looked back.
When I published Under Siege (using the nom de plume Keith Tompson) in 1988 and then The Easy Net Book in 1995 I was in transition from politics to technology as the primary focus for helping create change.
in 1994 EasyNet was the first consumer ISP in Europe and CYBERIA the world’s first Internet Café. After EasyNet’s IPO I moved to Palo Alto in 1997 and RealNames was the first attempt to allow keyword navigation on the Internet, including keywords using Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Hebrew, Arabic, Cyrillic, and other non-Latin characters as web addresses.
Being part of the founding of TechCrunch, and now the CEO of SignalRank, my whole life so far has been about making change.
I owe a lot to Kent University for making that possible. Thank you for that. And being honored with a Doctorate is really a testimony to the institutions’ impact on me.
This week we look at some big themes. The Internet and War is a section that covers the role of Big Tech in the Ukraine invasion. In the video this week we will talk a lot about how these companies have chosen sides and impacted the perception we have of it.
Another big week in Venture Capital also. Homebrew announced it will not raise the 4th fund but will invest the principal’s own money (permanent capital). SV Angel announcing its first-ever growth fund Ali Partovi launching Neo as a challenge to the new Y Combinator, describing it as closer to the original YC vision. All of these things amplify some of the themes we have previously spoken about on That Was The Week. This week’s Essay of the Week is a video essay from Chicago University. If we are to get full context on Ukraine it is really important to watch, even if you disagree with it. The first casualty of War is the Truth. This is a contribution to seeing through the fog to the real causes.
More in the video.
The Internet in War Time
The Internet in War Time
The Internet and War

The Plain View
The internet is a force multiplier for Ukraine
Crypto Exchanges Refuse to Freeze All Russian Accounts
Facebook parent Meta to restrict Russian state media across EU
Facebook and TikTok ban Russian state media in Europe - The Washington Post
YouTube bans Russian media outlets across Europe
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This Week in Venture Capital
Renegade Spotlight: Homebrew
Ali Partovi Wants to Beat the Old YC
A Letter to Founders:
Announcing Our $1 Billion Raise & Ideas We Are Looking to Fund
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The SEC is probing NFTs to see if they’re illegal token offerings
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Amazon's $31bn Advertising Business
Amazon’s $31b ‘Ad Business’ Isn’t | by Cory Doctorow | Feb, 2022
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Visualizing Apple’s Rise to the Top of the Gaming Business
Tesla Competition Heats Up
Hyundai plans to introduce 17 electric vehicles by 2030
Essay of the Week
Why is Ukraine the West's Fault? Featuring John Mearsheimer
Why is Ukraine the West's Fault? Featuring John Mearsheimer
Is America to Blame for Russia’s War in Ukraine?
Startup of the Week: Ford
Ford splits business into separate EV and combustion units
Tweet of the Week
Keith Teare
I am both honored and amazed that my University - Kent in the UK - has announced that I am to be conferred with an honorary Doctorate.

“Keith Teare, who will be made a Doctor of the University in recognition of his career as a serial entrepreneur”
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