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Thanks For Subscribing News - Exploring an empty map.

Thanks For Subscribing News - Exploring an empty map.
By Frank Meeuwsen • Issue #27 • View online
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The last issue of this newsletter went out mid-July and I needed to take some time off. I went on a nice holiday with my family in our own country The Netherlands and I found out I needed to take some more time off from this newsletter.
I needed the time off to figure out where to go with it. To see what value it should bring to you, my valued reader. You see, in the last couple of months, the newsletter ecosystem is growing fast. I wouldn’t say exploding, because that’s too much I’m-in-a-bubble-talk. But things are happening. New services pop-up every day, new business ideas tried out, new software, workshops, e-books, experiments. It’s fantastic to see what is happening. So it would make perfect sense to keep this newsletter going with curated links and my opinion, to be your guide in this growing landscape. Like a map in the game Minecraft, that shows more land and mountains whenever you reach parts of the world you are in.
But right now, this newsletter itself feels like this map. I don’t want it to become one of those newsletters filled with links and articles you already know, may have seen in other newsletters or on Twitter or Reddit. I’ve seen enough newsletters where you can exactly see where they get their links from. Sure it’s curated, but is it of value?
Like every blogger has a unique voice, every newsletter author needs an unique voice as well. I am finding this voice in my Dutch newsletter called OPEN. You can subscribe to it, but if you can’t read Dutch, it will be hard to follow what is going on in every edition.
This newsletter feels like a new map I might have to rediscover. Or maybe draw a new map. I am not sure yet. I thought I could figure it out during my time off, but it turned out I had other priorities. Life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans, a famous rockstar once said.
With Thanks for Subscribing itself I also evaluate how to move forward with it. I have a big backlog of newsletter titles I need to curate and add to the database. Thanks to everyone who took the time to submit their newsletter, my apologies it’s taking so long to follow up on it.
I’ve had some talks on the business part of the site and the database. Maybe I could get a sponsor or some advertisers. I need to figure this out if I want to move forward. I need to figure out where to find the time but most of all the energy to do it all. There are possibilities but I need to make a decision to move things forward.
The above is a long way to say, I have no idea for now where I will go with my newsletter and website. For now I will keep it a bit on the lowdown with fresh titles in your mailbox every week. That’s it. No curated links. No deep insights or commentary. No 10 best tips. Just a couple of cool newsletters, wrapped in a newsletter itself. I will move forward to add all the new submitted titles to the site as well. The coming weeks you will see some changes in both newsletter and website. I am not sure yet what those changes will be. Most of all, the site will have a technical update, so I can do more with the collection of 300+ titles I have right now. It’s a map that needs to draw itself as I move forward and explore the possibilities.
Thank you for your time and your attention to this newsletter. I really appreciate it. Feel free to comment on this or ask questions by replying. I read and answer everything!
Thanks and have a great day,

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Since I’ve been away so long, I’ve collected quite a few new titles to the site. Here are some of the coolest titles I added to Thanks for Subscribing
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That’s it for this week. Share, like, subscribe. Support your local newsletter-author, show them some love. Find more interesting newsletters at Thanks for Subscribing and submit yours!
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Frank Meeuwsen

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