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Thanks For Subscribing News #31 - Thanks for subscribing!

Thanks For Subscribing News #31 - Thanks for subscribing!
By Frank Meeuwsen • Issue #31 • View online
Hello my dear reader
I have a sad announcement to make. This is the last issue of this newsletter. For the last couple of weeks I’ve been in doubt how I should move on with this newsletter. The website Thanks for Subscribing will stay online of course and I will keep adding cool newsletters. But the weekly newsletter will come to and end. For now.
When I started both the site and newsletter we were in a different world. 2020 had just started and well…we all know what happened. During a period of time I was unsure if I could keep my job so this newsletter and website was a way for me to work on a side hustle and find out if this is something worth pursuing. I can tell you, it is. It definitely is. Even though people say we are in the middle of a newsletter bubble, some say we are not, some say we should be aware of what might happen when Substack gets bought by a large network or publisher. It is an exciting community to be part of and I will stay part of it.
What happened is my job turned into a fulltime job with a lot more responsibilities and things to take care of. This means my energy level at the end of the day and in the weekends is not what it used to be. With a family to take care of and other responsibilities, something has to give. The past weeks I found myself much less driven to make this newsletter grow, I find myself taking time off and really rest. After long workdays with various video calls I’d rather go for a walk or a run.
This might be a long explanation to let you know this newsletter goes on an indefinite hiatus. I might come back one day, maybe not. I don’t know yet.
As I said, Thanks for Subscribing will stay online and I will keep adding new titles. If you want to keep up to date with the latest entries in the directory, take a look at the RSS feed of the site (You still know this is right?) or subscribe to this automated newsletter at Mailbrew. Next to the latest entries on the site, this will also send you the latest news from /r/newsletter on Reddit, some other RSS feeds from newsletter-related sites and interesting tweets from people I follow and admire in the newsletter industry.
So from one newsletter lover to another, thank you for giving me a place in your inbox. Take care, keep publishing and stay safe!

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Frank Meeuwsen

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