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Thanks For Subscribing News #24 - Substack grows, cool newsletters and all-around tips!

Thanks For Subscribing News #24 - Substack grows, cool newsletters and all-around tips!
By Frank Meeuwsen • Issue #24 • View online
Hey all! I hope you had a great weekend and a fine week ahead. I am currently writing like crazy. For both this newsletter and a new article for a Dutch marketingsite on the newsletter economy. There’s a lot happening in this industry and I think we are just getting started.
I am interested in what you are doing with newsletters. Just an avid reader, just started with your own title or growing your subscriptions? Hit reply and let me know!
Keep writing!

Newsletter of the week
Kevin Kelly is one of my heroes. There, I said it. The founding executive editor of Wired Magazine, he coined the term “A 1000 True Fans” and many more. Recently he shared his 68 bits of unsolicited advice you should definitely read. He co-founded the Recomendo newsletter, with 6 recommendations of just cool stuff.
The world of newsletters
👋 A big welcome to Matt Navarra and his first issue of the Geek Out newsletter, “The ultimate social media newsletter for geeks”.
🤝 Excellent tips from Andrew Kamphey on what to do with your newsletter. Reach out to your readers, connect with other newsletters.
👌 Click the below tweet for an amazing list of newsletters recommendations by Josh. There are some deep cuts in there!
Josh Spector
I get asked for newsletter recommendations all the time so here are my picks for...


🔝 It looks like Substack is growing in attention. I see them moving more and more into the territory once claimed by Medium. You can have a newsletter and your own blog on the Substack platform. It’s not on your own domain yet, I think it’s just a matter of time. Substack offers a platform for you to grow as a writer. Medium is a platform where authors work to make Medium bigger.
Mat Sherman from Forward Thinking Media explains in this Twitter thread why he moved away from Medium to Substack or read the interview with Substack CEO Chris Best, why he thinks Substack is growing and some of the future plans…
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That’s it for this week. Share, like, subscribe. Support your local newsletter-author, show them some love. Find more interesting newsletters at my website and submit yours!
Vale! (That’s goodbye in Latin)
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