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Thanks For Subscribing News #23 - Watches, design and sideprojects

Thanks For Subscribing News #23 - Watches, design and sideprojects
By Frank Meeuwsen • Issue #23 • View online
Hey all!
Every week I am amazed by what is happening in the newsletter industry. When I sat down to write this edition I didn’t have headlines or newsfacts already lined up in my head. But when I opened my bookmarkfolder for the last week I didn’t know where to start with all the headlines and links that popped up.
I’d like to give a shout-out to the Newsletter Geeks group on Telegram, where 💯’s of likeminded newsletter authors gather and share ideas, answer questions and help each other. It’s great to be part of this group and I get a lot of energy from it.
As those young kids say, leave a 👍 at the bottom of this email if you like what you read. Even better, tell a friend on Twitter or do an interpretive newsletter-dance on TikTok. Don’t forget to send me a link if you do the latter!

Newsletter of the week - Good Monday!
A note to all my friends who can’t read Dutch, don’t scroll past this but do check out Patrick’s Good Monday! newsletters. It is in Dutch, but you can get inspired just by looking at the images and checking out the links. They speak for themselves. Good Monday! is my dose of inspiration to start the week!
Good Monday!
The world of newsletters
📈 Dan Oshinsky from Not a Newsletter updated his terrific list to grow your email list. It doesn’t come free though. He asks you to donate to The Marshall Project before you get the guide. It’s worth it.
🗞️ The annual Digital News Report is out, with a special mention of the Resurgance and Importance of Email Newsletters. Extra extra, read all about it!
🤔 Did we see the first Substack M&A by Forward Thinking purchasing Double Sided?
🗺️ Mapping the newsletter ecosystem, a collaborative effort driven by the French newsletter In Bed with Tech. There’s a public Google Doc with all the different players.
Benedict Evans
The 'rebirth of newsletters' is much more about the rebirth of blogging
More newsletters worth checking out
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Rescapement Weekly
After Hour Projects
That’s it for this week. Share, like, subscribe. Support your local newsletter-author, show them some love. Find more interesting newsletters at my website and submit yours!
Slan! (That’s goodbye in Irish)
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Frank Meeuwsen

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