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Thanks For Subscribing News #22 - Personal Product Notes

Thanks For Subscribing News #22 - Personal Product Notes
By Frank Meeuwsen • Issue #22 • View online
Pfew… what a week it has been! I don’t know about you, but I write this intro last thing before I send out the newsletter. The last couple of weeks I got a lot of tips for newsletters and there has been quite some news in the industry. Because of all the new titles on Thanks for Subscribing, I decided to increase the amount of links I share in this newsletter. Plus give some extra links to news and interviews with newsletter authors.
At the end of this email you can find a thumbs up and a thumbs down. Do you like the amount of links in this newsletter? Click 👍. You want less new titles? Choose 👎. I look forward to your replies!
Have a great week and stay safe!

Newsletter of the week
TrashPandaThoughts is one of the most personal newsletters I subscribe to. It is a personal perspective on life with ADHD. Since this is something in our family, I can relate to the stories and recognize the struggles. Mr. Trash gives some good advice in every edition.
The world of newsletters
🧨 The people of Basecamp decided it is time to rethink email and emailclients. is a complete overhaul of what email is and what defines an email client. To quote co-creator David Heinemeier Hansson in Protocol: “You gotta blow up some railroads. You gotta sabotage some systems. You gotta come out swinging.” They sure did if you read this review at The Verge. Hey is currently invitation-only but will be available in July. Pricing is $99 a year.
🔍 Newsletter titles need better discoverability and recommendations. This Medium article lists 8 searchengines for newsletters so you can find new and interesting titles.
🔊 There is a new podcast for newsletter-creators called Newsletter Crew. I am the guest at the second episode to talk about how I produce this newsletter and share thoughts on the place of newsletters in the digital communication universe.
🦸 On Rad Letters you can read a really interesting interview with Andrew Kamphey, author of Better Sheets and Influence Weekly. He shares some great insights and his view on the newsletter industry. Worth a read!
More newsletters worth checking out
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Thank you Indie Hackers!
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Indie Hackers
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👋 Sbohem (That’s goodbye in Czech!)
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