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Thanks For Subscribing News #19 - Unrestricted Product Snapshot Sheets

Thanks For Subscribing News #19 - Unrestricted Product Snapshot Sheets
By Frank Meeuwsen • Issue #19 • View online
Hey all!
Due to some a change in my workschedule I didn’t get to my weekly edition for this newsletter. Which is actually rule number 1 (maybe 2. Or 3) when you publish a newsletter, keep a consistent publishing schedule!
But look at it from the bright side, now it’s a small surprise in your mailbox, hi there! 👋
On Thanks for Subscribing I get new titles almost on a daily basis now. Check it out to see what else is new, besides the ones in this edition.
Have a great week and stay safe!

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Sayōnara! (That’s goodbye in Japanese)
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Frank Meeuwsen

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