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Thanks For Subscribing News #15 - Random, curated, interested.

Thanks For Subscribing News #15 - Random, curated, interested.
By Frank Meeuwsen • Issue #15 • View online
Today I had an interesting videocall. I was being interviewed about my reading habits online and this turned to be a really interesting conversation. It was almost therapeutic to talk to someone about the different apps I use to read new stuff like email, social apps, RSS. But also how I process and review new information from these sources. How do readinghabits change over the day but also, how do I process information during the day? There’s still a lot to learn in this space. How could an information-agent learn from my habits, how can it conform to my filters and algorithms but at the same time surprise me, without it feeling programmed or algorithmically defined? Or even worse, defined by mediabudgets?
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Newsletter of the week
It is always a thrill to find a newsletter you’ve never heard of, read the description and think “Oh my deity! This newsletter is perfectly tailored for my reading habits!” I had this feeling when I read about Land of Random. Especially the shoutout to vaporwave art. There’s a niche for everything!
The Land of Random
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