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Weekly newsletter of Tevib - Issue #1

Weekly newsletter of Tevib
Weekly newsletter of Tevib
the unique thing behind the beautiful artist Alexandra Gottardo

Alexandra Gottardo’s Reason for Allowing Armpit Hair to Grow
For women, maintaining armpit hair is not a common thing today. Although in the past few decades, armpit hair in women has become a trend. However, this has no effect on Alexandra Gottardo.
In his confession, Alex, as he is usually called, said that he had no problem maintaining his armpit hair. Alex’s statement was revealed through the podcast ‘Podkesmas’ fronted by Imam Darto, Omesh, Surya Insomnia, and Angga Nggok.
At that time, Alexandra Gottardo was contacted by ‘Podkesmas’. “It’s been a long time, actually, it’s never been too exposed because it’s something that naturally happens in your young body, right?” said Alexandra.
Something Classic and Natural
Alexandra Gottardo again continued that she was indeed happy with something classic as well as natural. He added that he never shaved his armpit hair if it was not necessary.
“I like things that are classic and natural, you know. So for growing hair armpits, if it’s no longer for photoshoot needs or if it’s not shaved or waxed, then I’ll just leave it like that,” he said.
Alexandra, who now lives in Bali, feels that there is an advantage. Because, there are not many people who have a problem with it. “And also living in Bali, people don’t care about things like that. It’s human natural hair body,” he explained.
Will it become a trend again?
The actor in the Grisse series then said that he liked past entertainment world celebrities who he thought were sexy with hair on his armpits. There are several names that became his idol such as Sophia Loren and Monica Bellucci.
“They still look happy. Why do people think that having hair armpits is gross? No it’s natural,” he said.
“I never use deodorant, because deodorant is dangerous. Deodorant contains alcohol and alcohol that gets into the pores of the armpit skin can be cancerous, and that’s not good,” said Alexandra Gottardo.
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Weekly newsletter of Tevib
Weekly newsletter of Tevib

Weekly newsletter of Tevib

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