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What is the main problem of a beta testing?

Hi there! During the last week, I did several polls and discussions, trying to identify big problems


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Hi there!
During the last week, I did several polls and discussions, trying to identify big problems in beta testing.
It was tricky at some point, because developers and beta testers may have different problems.
You can find links to discussions at the end of this email.
As a summary - one of the problems for beta testers is a missing transparency between developers and testers. As a beta tester, you might not know what was changed and what is the roadmap.

Why am I doing it? I am looking for an interesting problem to tackle. I can automate things and I can make solutions as services. I have many different ideas but I have to validate them before I will implement them.
It is also very hard to choose and that’s why I need to know your opinion.
What do you want me to build? Pricing is a flexible topic.

- Traditional courses for Software testers. Around 10 - 20 lessons with curated homework on real projects. The price is 30$ per course.
- Software testing courses with the chatbot (Slack, Telegram, Messenger). The same content, all information is easily accessible from the chat. Chatbot helps you during the education by providing necessary information, tasks and validating your homework. The price is 30$ per course.
- Roadmap collaboration service where developers can post their ideas, ongoing tasks and changelogs. When beta testers will be able to vote for them, leave comments, suggest their own features and report bugs. It will give developers a better understanding of user needs. The price is 99$ per project for developers.
All I need is your feedback. Please reply directly to this email. Every opinion matters. If you think that someone may be interested in that - please share this email with them. Thank you!

Did you ever face a problem in beta testing?
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Happy testing!
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