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📲 TestingCatalog - Issue #182

Greetings testers! 
This time I want to experiment with making this newsletter purely focused on what is really important!
The newsletter takes seconds to skim and takes just a couple of clicks until you can try something new by yourself. So check “what’s changed” and “how to test it” below!
What’s new?
  • 📲 Strava released a big update to allow challenge creation from the app.
  • 📲 Fleksy 11 got released with swipe support and a new theming engine.
  • 📲 Telegram beta got video stream support in group voice chats.
P.S. Pick the best update of the week in our poll on Telegram where you can also find beta APK files for sideloading 🔥

For Content Creators
This section is tailored for testers who create content on social platforms from their Android device
Telegram beta 7.8.0 got live stream support for group voice chats and more
Signal Messenger brings additional customization options to set a colour to chat bubbles
For Early Adopters
This section is tailored for testers who are willing to test new Android apps and early features
Spotify users can now share a unique story based on their listening history
Strava users can now create free group challenges and browse personalized segments
For Crypto Holders
This is a new experimental section about crypto apps for Android
Metamask got an improved NFT tab with favourites and additional safety adjustments
TestingCatalog Project
I decided to change the approach for this newsletter a bit because of several reasons. I do curation better than writing for sure. And simply focusing on the main goal of the newsletter may make it even better. I value your time and I want you to get to know “What’s New” as fast as possible.
In this way, I can focus on clear headlines, better screenshots and test instructions to make your lives easier. 
This change should save me a bit of time that I can allocate to other important activities like growth and new experiments, while keep bringing value to you with constant updates. 
What do you think? How can I make this newsletter better for you?
From now on, new issues will be sent on Fridays 🔥
Happy Testing!
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