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đŸ“Č Test #198 - In case you missed it

Greetings testers! 
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In case you missed it - this newsletter is now issued monthly and it has a new name. So, ICYMI in January, lots of big companies are looking into the NFT trend and working on new features that would connect web2 with the upcoming web3 world. Not surprisingly, Twitter came first and now, Twitter Blue subscribers can now set their NFT profile pictures on iOS. These avatars have a hexagonal shape and can be viewed on any client including Android. 
Reddit is looking into a similar feature, rumors say that YouTube may get something eventually too. And of course, Instagram is working on a potential collection gallery for your NFTs. If 2021 was a year of voice chats, this time we will watch NFT profile pictures being integrated all around. 
If you are interested in Telegram, it turns out their former TON project got picked up by TON Foundation and is getting ready to kick off. And there will be NFT projects as well! At this point I am curious either Telegram will integrate only with TON or with other blockchains as well. 
On another side, a new era of browser wars is coming. Web3 requires you to have your crypto wallet ready and connecting web apps to your standalone crypto wallet on Android is not working very well every time. This is where crypto-friendly browsers like Brave and Opera are shining but at the same time, most crypto wallets have their internal web browsers as well. So, let’s see if we will get a crypto wallet feature on Chrome, Firefox or Edge this year. 
And yes, web3 is huge and there will be a lot of stuff to test and explore. If you don’t want to miss it - scroll down to read about future plans for the TestingCatalog project. 
P.S. And don’t miss a new Early Access section that you check below too.
What’s new?
  • đŸ“Č Users can now browse NFT profile pictures on Twitter for Android
  • đŸ“Č Opera released a dedicated Crypto Browser in beta
  • đŸ“Č Telegram got post reactions and spoiler protection in its latest beta 8.4
See more details below 👇

Top features to test this week
Users can now browse NFT profile pictures on Twitter for Android
Opera released a dedicated Crypto Browser in beta
Telegram got post reactions and spoiler protection in its latest beta 8.4
Early Access
B - Brave
C - Coinbase
M - Metamask
O - Opensea
O - Opera
R - Rarible
R - Reddit
T - Twitter
Other DAPPs
Hands-on with Alien Frens NFT and its exploding community
How to be first with grabbing invite links or promo code drops on mobile
How to make Metamask or Trust Wallet connect with DAPPs on mobile web
Android Apps
C - Chrome
C - Clubhouse
D - Digital Wellbeing
F - Facebook Business Suite
F - Firefox
G - Google Keep
G - Google Messages
G - Google Phone
G - Google Photos
G - Google Play
G - Google Search
I - Instagram
P - Pinterest
S - Snapchat
S - Spotify
S - Strava
T - Telegram
T - Telegram X
T - TikTok
W - WhatsApp
Y - YouTube
Other apps
TestingCatalog project
I am slowly preparing a whitepaper to be shared with the community. There you will find a proposal for TC community members and future contributors. A discord server and governance concept are included. 
If you know what is DAO then you are prepared. If not, I will be publishing a bunch of educational guides very soon as well. TestingCatalog is and will continue to be built in public - read more on Telegram. 
Preparing a new Discord server for TestingCatalog DAO
Preparing a new Discord server for TestingCatalog DAO
Happy Testing!
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