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đŸ“Č Test #197 - Your ultimate Android changelog

Greetings testers! 
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Greetings testers!
As New Year is coming closer and closer, this is going to be a 2021 recap issue with the December changelog! Top app features and trends, TestingCatalog future and more below (HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE EMAIL).
If I would need to summarise this year somehow I would say that it was a year of Voice Chats and NFTs. 
🎙 Starting from Clubhouse, many big social apps tried to integrate voice chats inside. Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Discord and even Spotify (with a standalone Greenroom app)
Besides this, Google apps got Material You, Twitter got tips and communities, Facebook is now Meta, DuckDuckGo got email protection and many other cool updates that I cannot even recall. And finally

đŸ–Œ NFTs became a big trend in the crypto community since the beginning of the year, pushing transformation into web3.0 forward. More and more users started exploring crypto and DAPPs spaces, more and more users started using crypto wallets, exchanges and similar apps on their devices. IMO, among all other trends, this one is probably going to be bigger than anything you’ve seen before. 
For TesingCatalog it was a great year as well. The project got a bigger community and the vision behind the project got a better shape. Providing value by sharing short news and tips about new features that readers can experience themself became the top priority for this project.  
I also noticed for myself that the excitement that comes from testing apps on Android and iOS is not as great anymore. There are loads of new valuable features but the value behind them leaves mostly in productivity improvement (in Google Apps for example) or in a new way of creating content (in social apps). Early access to these features is rather random or gradual and iOS comes first most of the time. And of course, there are exceptions but then as soon as you arrive into a crypto space, this feeling changes immediately 👀
You have a wallet and a huge variety of DAPPs to explore that also bring you some financial benefits and other perks. NFTs are used to get early and exclusive access to new cool projects. This makes exploring early products less accessible to others but also more exclusive per se. 
In 2022 I will be exploring more and more DAPPs digging into this space even deeper. There are already two basic guides on this topic about mining on Android and first NFTs đŸ‘šâ€đŸ’»
I also have plans to form a DAO for the community to let its member own TestingCatalog publication along with some $Tokens. It will allow us to have a treasury fund that can be spent on getting early access NFTs to more interesting DAPPs that one may not be able to afford. Stay tuned and expect this newsletter to shift into a monthly recap from now on. GM!
Ah, and as for the December recap, these are the top 3 things for you to try.
What’s new?
  • đŸ“Č How I mined the first mobile-focused cryptocurrency from my Android phone
  • đŸ“Č Twitter now allows searching through individual accounts to all users
  • đŸ“Č ICYMI: Smart Launcher 6 got released to all beta users
See more details below 👇

Top features to test this week
How I mined the first mobile-focused cryptocurrency from my Android phone
Twitter now allows searching through individual accounts to all users
ICYMI: Smart Launcher 6 got released to all beta users
A - Amazon Music
A - Android Auto
C - Chrome
C - Clubhouse
D - Discord
D - Duolingo
F - Facebook
F - Firefox
F - Fitbit
G - Gboard
G - GitHub
G - Gmail
G - Google Assistant
G - Google Calendar
G - Google Drive
G - Google Fit
G - Google Home
G - Google Keep
G - Google Maps
G - Google Meet
G - Google Messages
G - Google Pay
G - Google Phone
G - Google Photos
G - Google Play
G - Google Recorder
G - Google Search
G - Google Translate
I - Instagram
L - Linkedin
M - Messenger
M - Microsoft Launcher
N - Netflix
N - Niagara Launcher
O - Opera
P - Pinterest
P - Pocket
R - Reddit
S - Signal
S - Spotify
T - Telegram
T - TikTok
T - Twitter
V - Vivaldi
W - Waze
W - WhatsApp
Y - YouTube
Y - YouTube Music
Y - YouTube Studio
TestingCatalog project
Sub to TestingCatalog Media channel for more insights if you want to take a part in this project. More stuff to come soon. Happy upcoming New Year and GM! 🚀
Happy Testing!
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