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📲 Test #190 - The duck ate all my emails!

Greetings testers! 
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The duck ate all my emails - and I am pretty happy about that! DuckDuckGo released the first 1000 invites for its Email Protection beta feature. It can prevent your email from being tracked and anonymise it in addition. Last week I saw lots of threads where people were asking for invite codes and even found a Discord server with 2k people waiting for someone who can share an invite with them. However, the only way to get it now is to wait for a new invites wave. From what I know, the next bunch will bring the next 5000 invites to those who opted-in. Did you? 🧐
What’s new?
  • 📲 DuckDuckGo email protection beta is out for first users.
  • 📲 Google Phone app is pushing the call recording feature to more Android users.
  • 📲 Discord now allows creating and browsing Threads under channels on Android.
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Top features to test this week
DuckDuckGo email protection beta is out for first users
Google Phone app is pushing the call recording feature to more Android users
Discord made threads feature available on Android
C - Chrome
C - Clubhouse
D - Discord
D - DuckDuckGo
F - Facebook
F - Facebook Business Suite
G - Gboard
G - Gmail
G - Google Assistant
G - Google Pay
G - Google Phone
G - Google Photos
G - Google Translate
I - Instagram
M - Microsoft Edge
R - Reddit
S - Spotify
S - SwiftKey Keyboard
T - TikTok
T - Twitter
V - Vivaldi
W - Waze
W - WhatsApp
Y - YouTube
Other apps
TestingCatalog project
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Happy Testing!
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