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📲 Test #183 - I bet you use one of these apps every day

Greetings testers! 
I have lots of different updates listed in this email and I am sure you have at least some of these apps on your Android phone. 
But there is also something that will affect almost everybody - a new UI that is rolling out on Google Play at this moment. It is less friendly but faster so it is hard to say now if it is a positive or a negative change. Unless you miss a tab for Beta apps that in fact, was never working properly so I haven’t used it much. What about you? 🤔
What’s new?

Top Stories
Google Play is rolling out a new flow to manage your apps
Spotify blend rolling out in beta allowing the creation of playlists for two by matching your listening history
TripAdvisor got a new flat and minimalistic app design on Android
For Content Creators
For Early Adopters
For Crypto Holders
For Android Gamers
TestingCatalog Project
I am once again refining the content strategy for this newsletter to make it better for you. Let’s see if any of these stories that are not yet available for public testing are important to you.
Happy Testing!
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