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📲New features to test | TestingCatalog - Issue #176

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Greetings testers!
This happened to all of us! Lots of things were revealed this week but not many of these reveals were released for us to test. Sometimes, you update around 30 apps every day and all their changelogs are like “bug fixes and performance improvements”. It is getting even worse when you read about new features on the news and not being able to try them yourself. 
But! This is exactly why TestingCatalog is here. According to our previous poll on Telegram, more than 50% of our testers managed to try a new feature that we reported within a week. 
What’s new? 
  • ✂️ YouCut Video Editor becomes feature complete
  • 📸 Instagram is pushing hard on its content creators to use Instagram tools
  • 🎙Stereo organises contests for show hosts as their monetisation model
  • 💎 Top new features to wait for!
  • 😎 A new Early access section
* TC newsletter is crafted in a way so you can try most of the features yourself. Search for the link with 📲 Emoji to get redirected to the right place. 
This time you can find the “how to test” block on every report so you can easily try new features while reading this email. 

YouCut Video Editor becomes feature complete
This is a popular video editor for creators and recently it got a bunch of new features for which you may need to use different apps before. 
Now it has custom backgrounds, glitch effects, gifs, reverse rendering and lots of other things.
How to test:
  • Open your editing project.
  • Tap on the timeline to see a new menu overlay.
  • Tap on the reverse button to start reverse rendering.
  • Go back to the original menu and tap on the Effects section to see a list of new effects that are highlighted with a red dot.
Instagram is pushing hard on its content creators to use Instagram tools
Last week it pushed a bunch of experimental features to some users and it is very likely that you got at least some of them. Story Drafts, reshared labels in stories, Green Screen for Reels, Video Layouts for Reels and Audio mix & Voice over. Did you get anything else?
How to test:
  • Open stories editing screen and pic or create a media file.
  • Make an edit by adding a sticker or some text on top.
  • Press on the back button.
  • Click on the Save Draft button.
  • Check it to be saved to the gallery view of your stories editor.
Stereo app organises contests for show hosts as their monetisation model
The stereo app is slowly rising behind Clubhouse back among Android users and while other big companies are developing their own clones. 
The interesting part of it is a contests model that will allow show hosts to monetise their time, based on the show engagement. 
How to test Stereo Bank:
  • Open profile page on Stereo.
  • Click on the settings icon.
  • Tap on the Stereo Bank section.
  • Check the description of Stereo Bank rules.
Top new features to wait for?
There were lots of leaks based on reverse engineering, announced features that were not rolled out yet and simple A/B tests that not many people managed to try. These are some of the highlights that I have:
Which other exciting features did you hear of but didn’t receive yet? 
A new Early Access section
Here you can find apps that were shared with us by their developers. If you are an app developer and you want to advertise your app to more than 1000 active Beta Testers - please share your app in our Facebook Group or Telegram Group.
Early Access apps:
📲 Balanceo - a productivity app to achieve a work-life balance.
📲 Katch - a dating app with only-video profiles.
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Social Apps
Other Apps and Games
Happy Testing!
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