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Join Telegram Beta? Bonus - The Elder Scrolls & Yandex.Toloka

Today I realised that I like Thursdays, mostly because it is a "weekly email day". Especially when I


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Today I realised that I like Thursdays, mostly because it is a “weekly email day”. Especially when I have something cool to share!
1. If you didn’t try already, please do - How Nerd Are You (Beta) is an awesome Quiz Game which is looking for your feedback
2. Before we will jump into the next topic, I also want to share some numbers from TestingCatalog. This is a chart of top OPT-INs per this month (15 days) across all projects.
Project Name
  • 37 - How Nerd Are You (Beta)
  • 30 - NewsCatchr - Newsreader beta
  • 30 - Fenix 2 Preview
  • 29 - Telegram Beta
  • 29 - Zero Live Wallpaper beta
  • 28 - SwiftKey Beta
  • 26 - Wifi Expert: Fix your Internet beta (Over)
  • 25 - Google beta
  • 20 - Gboard - the Google Keyboard beta
  • 19 - Google Play services beta
From my side, it is very interesting to see which beta apps performs better and attracts people.
3. We finally passed a threshold of 500 beta apps published on the TestingCatalog! Many of them were disabled after because the beta program is over. Now we have 415 currently active beta programs, which is awesome. I am tracking projects availability from time to time but in future, I want to add a feature which will mark disabled projects as “Finished” instead of hiding them completely. For ex., HBO beta is over, but I still want to display in the list. 
Also, If you want to be able to check many projects in the short period of time…(see #4)
4. TestingCatalog Android NATIVE app is back! I found some time to fix bugs and now you can browse TestingCatalog very easy and a lot faster. I will need to add proper Auth, which will come a bit later.
!IMPORTANT Please support TC app with 5-star rating here on the Google Play
If you think that it doesn’t fit your requirements, let me know in your reply to this email and we will fix that. :P
5. Telegram beta? Yeah, we finally got it. However it is not that easy to join Telegram beta, so I added a blog post with a small guide
We also have our own Telegram channel for TestingCatalog which you can join
6. Many other interesting apps. The Elder Scrolls and Yandex.Toloka are definitely worse testing!

Beta Apps
How Nerd Are You (Beta)
Telegram Beta
MOCR beta
Yandex.Toloka Beta
Fitnetix Fitness Tracker beta
The Elder Scrolls: Legends Beta
Write - Logic, Puzzle, Brain teaser beta
Tewter beta
Useful Links
Beta TestingCatalog - Android Apps on Google Play
How to join Telegram beta on Android | TC
Telegram: Contact @betatestingcatalog
Beta Apps Updates
VLC Beta updated with support for Android O's picture-in-picture video [APK Download]
[Update: Out of beta] Gboard v6.3 beta is rolling out with improved search interface, search emoji by drawing, and more [APK Download]
Twitter 7.0 beta users are seeing a new, more rounded UI via a server-side update
Chrome Beta 60 adds new search widget, limits the Vibration API to combat malware ads, and more [APK Download]
Google app v7.4 beta prepares for Google Home calling, manual rerouting of voice commands, and more [APK Teardown]
Latest Nova Launcher beta integrates with Google Feed
Happy testing!
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