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Happy Thursday! The past week was quite rich on new updates that came from different sources. It all started with news around guys from r/wallstreetbets that used non-commission apps to trade cheap stocks for fun. Apparently, the group moved to Telegram and there you can find a huge group which always has an active voice chat. If you never tried group voice chats before, this is your chance
What’s New?
  1. 🤖 Google revealed its AI technology behind Voice Access
  2. 🎙 Stereo is a new Clubhouse-like voice-based social service that you can test on Android (A new app with beta version)
  3. 🖼 A bunch of updates on Microsoft apps: Lens, Authenticator, OneDrive
  4. 📩 Twitter app might get newsletters integration in the future
It is called IconNET and it can detect and understand visual icons in the app’s UI. Voice Acces 5 came along with a quite advanced way to detect UI elements on your screen. When you have Voice control enabled on your device, you can say “show labels” and the app will show numbers next to all visible UI elements so you can say “press 3” to instruct it to open an item under label “3”. This technology could be also super useful in mobile automation. 
This app can give you some idea of how drop-in audio chats may look like. To this moment, both Clubhouse and Spaces by Twitter announced that they are working on their Android clients and it is likely just a beginning. Last week Elon Musk tweeted that he will appear on Clubhouse and it brought a lot of attention to this app. Rumors says that Clubhouse invites are getting sold for up to 800$ 🤑
A bunch of updates on Microsoft apps: Lens, Authenticator, OneDrive
Microsoft has a huge ecosystem of apps and this week they released a bunch of new interesting features. 
  • Microsoft Lens app got a UI redesign. Some of its features allow you to scan tables and whiteboards or read scanned text aloud and translate it at the same time.
  • Microsoft OneDrive now can play 8k videos and it also got support for Samsung’s “motion photos”.
  • Microsoft Authenticator got an option to import your passwords from Chrome so it can use them to autofill forms on your device. 
Twitter bought Revue last week - a newsletter platform that was used to build this email that you are reading. Twitter on the web already links to Revue from its menu bar. It would be interesting to see if this platform will be integrated directly into Twitter app so more people can discover this newsletter 😎
I also looked back through 168 issues that we’ve published and it turns out that the first issue came on May 2016 🤯 
You can check it here
So far, as Google Plus doesn’t exist anymore, Revue contains the most complete history of this community. 
And last but not least, TestingCatalog app got a minor update. Now it has a “discuss” button for every app that leads to our Telegram group. Cheers!

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