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📲 I have some exclusive invites for you | TestingCatalog

Greetings testers!
Today I received 10 extra invites to the Voice app that I am willing to share with you. Voice app is a new invite-only token-based social network in the early access phase. It also got a new update for its Android app just recently.
If you will get an invite from TestingCatalog you will be able to skip a long waiting list. Plus on your profile, you will have a limited “Invited by @testingcatalog” label. 
Please share this premade post on Twitter if you want to get one or if you just want to support TestingCatalog. I will DM you over there on a next day.
*** All the links that start with 📲 emoji are actionable and will lead you directly to the app where you can try what you’ve just read about!
What’s new?
  • 🙌 Now you can share apps via Google Play and Nearby Share
  • 👾 Pokemon UNITE started an open beta test in Canada
  • 🍔 TikTok got integration with Whisk receipts app
  • 📑 Alternative Reddit client 
This feature is available to users who got their Google Play app updated to version 24+. It uses Nearby Share functionality to transfer APK files between devices. 
What makes it more interesting, this feature got released right after ShareIt app got banned in US. SharIt app used by many people to transfer files between devices and it was a go-to app when it comes to transferring APK files. 
Wondering if it was a decision making factor for Google that made them to start rolling out this feature exactly now 🤔
Pokemon UNITE is a new MOBA game in Pokemon universe that was recently announced by Nintendo. It is very likely that they will run a beta test in only one country before the final release. This will make Canadian players very lucky but we still hope that its beta program will be extended to other regions. 
Whisk app allows you to save cooking receipts and transform them into shopping lists. Last week it got integrated into TikTok app and verified accounts can now link to this service in their videos. 
Whisk app also has a beta version available on Google Play.
Lot’s of hard-core Redditors don’t like official Reddit app. Usually, you can see them recommending Infinity for Reddit. This is an unofficial Reddit client and you can OPT-IN as a beta tester over here as well. 
I also have a quick question for you - when, where and how do you read this newsletter? Do you read it on your phone or desktop? Do you download new apps right away and test all new features? Do you save it for reading later? 
I am preparing something new for the next time and any insights on this will be super helpful 🙏

TestingCatalog Coverage
Most of the features listed below are not yet available to all users 👇
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Happy Testing!
P.S. If you've tested something, how was it?
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