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Android 12 UI leaks and 40 news links inside | TestingCatalog

Greetings! This week was a bit quiet compared to the previous one. There were lots of small releases, that you can find covered at the below.
  • 13 new features for you to try right now on Google, social and other apps
  • 24 updates to wait for, including a new section with OEM updates for Samsung, Xiaomi and OnePlus devices
But apart from this…
What’s new?
  • 🤖 Reddit gamification
  • 📱 Android 12 UI leaks
  • 🚀 Open source launchers
I am far from being fun of Reddit but I am always watching at this platform. There is a big Android community and Reddit is quite different compared to other social apps. With these points in mind, I use an official Reddit client that is not very favoured among hardcore Redditors. They use alternative clients because the official app used to be quite bad for a while. 
Starting some time ago, Reddit got a bunch of gamification features apart from its core karma system. This gamification comes as a part of its monetization strategy - premium users can buy advanced avatar customization, awards, app icons, and lots of other perks. What makes it interesting - this functionality allows Reddit to focus their development efforts and infrastructure resources on the most loyal “premium” audience. It also works as a “freemium” because casual users can try lots of these premium features for free as well. So far, Reddit has one of the best implementations of the gamification approach in a social app (probably comparable to Snapchat). 
Official Reddit app adopts new Reddit features quite fast compared to other client’s and this makes it valuable nowadays.
Android 12 is expected to be more flexible for customization and users will likely be able to create and apply lots of different themes on top of the stock Android UI. 
Last week there were some UI leaks published on XDA that showcase Android 12 preview screenshots. The theme looks quite glassy and may remind you of iOS UI or OneUI 3 by Samsung. It is still not clear if Android 12 stock UI will look this way or if it just a preview of theme customization capabilities. Normally, the first developer’s preview version arrives in spring so we will know for sure quite soon.
Open source launchers
On the side of beta apps, I want to share these two open-source and simple launchers for you to try. 
Do you think that after the Android 12 release more people will just stick with stock UI and stop using alternative launchers? 
And as a bonus - pre-registration for a new Fashion Game from our Facebook group 💎
By the way, what are the apps that you cannot live without and which were never covered by TestingCatalog? If you have an app on your phone that receives lots of updates and you want to know what is inside - drop us a reply! 📩

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