15 years to Google Maps and New MS Launcher preview app | Issue #150





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  1. 🌎 Google Maps got 15 years already 🔥 and they shared a new blog post about their recent UI revamp which is available for everyone. You can check it yourself or take a look on some screenshots I’ve shared on Twitter. And of course, if you are not a beta tester yet, you can find an OPT-IN link on our Google Maps Beta page.  
  2. 🚀 Microsoft published a new standalone app on Google Play - MS Launcher preview. You can consider it as an Alpha release in Microsoft’s terms. And normal MS Launcher app also has a beta version that you can find over here.
  3. 🔎 One of today’s apps is Inware, an app developed by one of our followers Dylan Roussel that allows you to know your device in detail.
  4. 🌄 Another app we’ve published today is Swift Wall, that some of you could have a chance to test by joining this telegram group. 
  5. 🤳 Byte - have you tried it already? It doesn’t have a beta but it is relatively new and ofc you can find us there by searching for @testingcatalog. It is a new TikTok like app from Vine. 
  6. 📲 Samsung - don’t miss February 11 because that’s the day when Galaxy Unpacked is going to happen. Let’s see what we will get there.

Beta News
Beta Apps
Inware beta
Swift Wall - Wallpaper Manager Beta
Scroll - A better internet beta
Portal - WiFi File Transfers beta
NeuroNation - Brain Training and Brain Games beta
MyWonderbird Early Access
Microsoft Launcher Preview Early Access
Happy Testing!
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