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TECH: Send your email later
Sometimes you might want to make it look like you’re sending an email at an entirely different time of day.
This could be for any number of reasons:
You are working on a weekend and don’t want your team to feel like they need to do the same.
You want to reply now to cross it off your to-do list, but would prefer to make it look like you’ve waited a few days.
You want someone to think you’re at your desk at 0800 when…you may not be.
Most email apps have a ‘schedule’ or ‘send later’ function.
In Gmail it’s this:
  • Click the down arrow next to ‘Send’
  • Choose ‘Schedule Send’
  • Pick the date + time you want
Now just sit back and relax.
WRITING: Get the first line write
10x your writing on twitter by looking at how you start your tweets.
Most people just glance and scroll on. Instead, you want them to stop, read, and engage. Spend time thinking about your opening line.
How can it grab people’s attention?
Try to provoke thought, be controversial, show vulnerability, or provide a new, original take.
Spend time making that first line count.
(Thanks to @dickiebush for these amazing tips)
EDUCATION: Keep to time
Whether you are presenting, delivering a tutorial, or running a workshop…keep to time.
No matter how wonderful a teacher is, each audience member has a life outside of the teaching. They will have commitments planned around the schedule. Even worse, if you have someone scheduled after you, then running late simply cuts into their allotted time. This is selfish.
I usually aim to finish early.
It’s better for people to leave feeling happy and energised, rather than them having to check their watch.
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