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Simply learning: how to ensure more people read your work

Simply Learning
Hi friend!
This week is all about small incremental steps to improving your skills at writing and presenting.

TECH: Using Video Clips for Presentations
This month I delivered my first face to face presentation since pre-COVID. It was a joy. I used it as opportunity to try new things.
Video clips (without sound) can help spice up your presentation.
Yes of course, using images to represent ideas on slides is so much better than reading of a slide full of bullet points.
But a video clip can REALLY capture the audience’s imagination.
For example….if you’re talking about laughter - rather than an image of someone laughing, play a video clip of someone laughing instead.
This imagery fires up your audience, and enhances your message.
Try it.
WRITING: Formatting Tweets
I see so many tweets with great content but the formatting lets it down.
If you learn to write better, more people will read, share, and engage with your work.
3 key tips to make your tweets more readable:
  • Limit yourself to one idea per tweet
  • Use bullet points rather than lengthy paragraphs
  • Format the line lengths so that they flow in an eye-catching way
EDUCATION: When To Design Your Slides
Where so many presenters go wrong is that they START their talk preparation by opening PowerPoint and making their first slide.
Don’t do this.
Your presentation DOES need to be planned. But it doesn’t need to planned on your actual slides.
The slides are there to enhance your message only.
Leave slide design as the last thing you do after you’ve planned the rest of your talk.
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