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Welcome friend!
This is the first of my new weekly newsletters where I’ll share tips to help you level up your tech, writing, and teaching.
Let’s do it.

TECH: Search Effectively On Twitter
The most powerful feature that Twitter has is the Advanced Search:
Until recently I hadn’t even heard of it, but now I use it all the time.
Advanced search is THE BEST way to find the info you actually want without all the clutter and noise of your main feed. It allows you to use the goldmine of tweets from experts and big accounts you follow.
If you want to revolutionise the way you search for what to read, check out these 7 advanced search tips:
Firstly, to use advanced search, you just type the phrases below into the regular search bar. This works on mobile or desktop.
It’s easy.
  1. Find tweets from a particular person using from:username
  2. Find interactions between two people with from:username1 and to:username2
  3. Find tweets on a specific topic with from:username topic
  4. Find tweets that are popular by setting a minimum number of retweets, faves, or replies: min_retweets:x or min_faves:x or min_replies:x
  5. Filter by a specific type of tweet. Sometimes you might only want tweets with images or links in them: filter:links or filter:media or filter:images
  6. Find tweets from a particular time period by adding a date filter: since:YYYY-MM-DD until:YYYY-MM-DD
  7. Find tweets by location. If you want to find something within a certain distance form a city use near:cityname within:xmi (where x is the number).
WRITING: Craft Excellent Twitter Threads
12 months ago, I had never written a twitter thread.
Now, in the last two months I’ve had:
  • 3 threads with over 30,000 likes
  • A thread quote-tweeted by Jack Dorsey!!!
  • A thread that has appeared in Tim Ferriss’s Five-Bullet Friday
In this newsletter I’m going to share some writing tips each week to help you improve your writing for any platform.
The thing that helped me the most with crafting twitter threads was reading the Molina letters to understand what makes a good tweet.
If I can do it, you can too.
EDUCATION: Nail Your Online Teaching
Bad online teaching looks like:
  • Talking at the audience for 30 mins solidly
  • Ignoring the chat box
  • Keeping slides showing on the screen the whole time
Good online teaching looks like:
  • Asking the learners questions within their comfort zone to warm them up
  • Only using slides when you REALLY need to
  • Embracing silence to give your learners a chance to talk
  • Building safety, engagement, + delivering the teaching that your audience needs.
Make your online teaching good.
And that’s it! See you next week.
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