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Pandora Papers? Time for the Techish Kenya Newsletter! - Issue #26

Techish Newsletter!
Pandora Papers? Time for the Techish Kenya Newsletter! - Issue #26
By Dickson Otieno • Issue #26 • View online
I was to start this newsletter in a different way, but the #PandoraPapers just shut down the internet. And I need to rope you in if you haven’t seen anything, or if you live under a rock.
The super rich love hiding their wealth from public scrutiny. Well, a leaker provided the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) over 6 million documents and over 1 million emails detailing banking records, incorporation documents, correspondence and records showing the true ownership of shell companies by different world leaders, celebrities and powerful people.
Below I share some of the biggest reports from the leak, as the ICIJ shared the leak with over 600 journalists from across the world:
New this week:
  • Amazon really wants to control your home. Not only do they have a flying drone with a camera to monitor your house while you’re away, they now have a robot pet - Astro. Of course with a camera and microphones. Read about it here. And… apparently, it is a terrible robot that can’t manage anything according to leaked insider information.
  • There are new USB Logos to help you differentiate between speeds, charging, and more. And nope, they don’t do that at all. But at least the forum is trying?
  • And Google has said ‘Google’ is the most searched term on ‘Bing’, Microsoft’s search engine. Why would they say that? Well, one, because it’s true. But also, to fight a $5 Billion anti-trust fine slapped by the EU.
  • Billionaires are weird individuals. (Not talking about the Pandora Papers here though.) So quick story: Elon Musk (richest man alive) went on some stage and said SpaceX’s efforts (his company) were being slowed down by Jeff Bezos (former richest man alive)‘s companies through legal systems. You know what Bezos (through Amazon) did? They sent The Verge a 13-page PDF document of lawsuits, government petitions, and other legal stuff SpaceX has participated in. Why? To prove that Elon acts the same way to get something.
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I will see you next week now, won't I?
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Dickson Otieno

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