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It's time for the latest Techish Newsletter! - Issue #30

Techish Newsletter!
It's time for the latest Techish Newsletter! - Issue #30
By Dickson Otieno • Issue #30 • View online
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(This newsletter was supposed to go live on Monday morning. But Revue decided to disable my account for no reason. It’s finally re-enabled so I am sharing the draft as was to go live)
It’s the second week of the second last month of the year. A year is such a short period of time. (Take this as an encouragement to pursue whatever you want to now.)
While most of us will agree we’ve seen a lot of negative impacts of social media on the world, we can also agree that there are positive things that have arisen thanks to social media. How do you use social media? Are you a scrolling addict? How do you limit usage? What apps do you use most? And would you say you’re more or less productive thanks to social media?
This week, we may see something huge happen thanks to a Twitter Poll. LOL, yes it is Elon Musk again. This time he ran a Twitter poll to ask his 62.8M followers if he should sell a 10% stake at Tesla. And of course, the majority said yes. Out of over 3.5 million votes cast, 57.9% said yes. We are waiting to see if he abides with the outcome.
The reason for this? To pay more taxes!
Have you watched any of the new 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pros? What are your thoughts on the raw power that you get from these laptops? I cannot imagine how powerful the devices we’ll be using in the future will be. Here’s MKBHD’s review.

Wealth management:
What is Safaricom Bima and how will it work?
Let's appear busy:
KFCB wants 'Squid Game' Scenes pulled down from YouTube, but have they watched YouTube?
Focusing on old tech:
Telkom Kenya to add 2,000 more 4G sites by 2023
Black Friday:
Here are the Top Xiaomi Deals on Jumia Black Friday 2021
Jumia launches ‘Kila Siku ni Black Friday’ November Campaign
Startups and Money:
Kenya's Opibus EV Conversion Startup Raises $7.5 Million Funding
Moove announces deal with Lori Systems for Affordable Truck Financing
Shamiri Institute, a Kenyan Mental Health Startup, raises $1 Million Funding
WorkPay, Nairobi-based HR and Payroll company, expands to Nigeria
Breadfast, Egypt's Grocery Delivery Platform, Secures $26M Series A Funding
  • Realme GT Master Series now available in Kenya from KES 37,000 - Details here.
  • 160 companies have been shortlisted for the CIO100 Awards - Details here.
  • Make sure you’ve deleted these apps that have been banned from the Google Play Store - Details here.
  • Equity Bank is one of the top 1000 Banks worldwide - Details here.
Scamming is easy...
'Squid Game' crypto scam collapses as fast as it rose
Video of the week:
When Biology Meets Computer Science
Must listen to Music:
I'll see you next week, yes?
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