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Be the first to see our videos and get weekly tips to become a confident coder!

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Livestream Starting Soon...

Hi fellow techie,Tune in for our livestream starting soon! (12:30 BST/17:00 IST)See you there!👇



Hi fellow techies,In a week's time we'll be going live to announce the winner of our summer coding contest!⏰Join us on YouTube - July 2nd, 12:30 BST/ 17:00 IST⏰Stay tuned👇



🔥JAVA LAVA🔥Now that I have your attention, be sure to check out Isabel's Javadoc tutorial!Watch it here👇


Behind the Scenes!

Hi fellow techie,In today's video, Tess shows you what her filming setup is like!Check it out!👇


Best Coding Practices for Beginners

Hi fellow techie,In this week's video Isabel shows you some good habits and practices that will help you improve your code!Find out what they are here👇


What Makes a 'Tech Expert'?

Hi fellow techie,In this week's video, Tess analyses the tech experts who took the stand in the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard defamation trial👩🏻‍⚖️️Watch it here👇


The Truth About Remote Internships

Hi fellow techie,In this week's video Tess shows you what is expected from a remote software engineering internship vs what it is actually like.Check it out👇


Being a Techie Isn't Just Writing Code...

Hi fellow techie,Being a techie isn't just about coding, sometimes we have to write essays too.Get some useful tips in today's episode of The Dissertation Diaries!💜



Hi fellow techie,It's your time to shine!☀We are hosting a coding contest AND a livestream to showcase your incredible contributions!💜Get ready as you could be in for the chance to win merchandise!👚Get the details here👇


The Dark Academia Aesthetic is Boring

Hi fellow techie,I'm sure you've heard the term 'dark academia' by now. Dusty books, gothic architecture, and endless references to mythological poetry.YAWN!It's getting old, so I've decided to create a new aesthetic...DARK TECHNOPHILIA!Check it out👇



Hi fellow techie,Today we are launching a new series - 'The Dissertation Diaries'!In this series I will be documenting the process of me researching, creating, and writing my final year Honours project and dissertation.Tune in for the first episode here 👇


Are You an Aspiring Web Developer?

Hi fellow techie,In today's video Mohasin is giving you some more flexbox tips!Check it out now!👇


Open For a Techie Life Hack...

Hi fellow techie,Today I am sharing a super cool techie life hack with you...How to count in binary using just your fingers!Find out how 👇


Can You Crack the Code?

Hi fellow techies,Today I need your help to solve a maths problem!Are you up for the challenge?Click here to help! 👇


What Was Your Favourite Tech as a Kid?

Hi fellow techies,After a long week, how about a Short?Watch now 👇


Have You Used React Router?

Hi fellow techies,In today's video Isabel shows you how to write navigation code for React applications!Watch it now 👇


What Is TensorFlow and What Can You Get From It?

Hi fellow techies,In today's video Dhanush explains what TensorFlow is and how it relates to machine learning!Watch it now 👇


Update our Website with Me!

Hi fellow techies,In this video Tess updates the Techie Tessie website using the accessibility standards Isabel explored in our last video.Watch now! 👇


Let's Make Our Websites Accessible!

Hi fellow techies,In this week's video, Isabel discusses web accessibility standards and how you can use these to improve your own websites!Watch it now 👇


We Know How to Make CSS Easier...

Hi fellow techies,In today's video Mohasin shows you how to make CSS styling neat and simple using flexbox!Watch now 👇