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Consumer tech coverage and conversations for everyday people. Delivered to your inbox with a heavy dose of storytelling and fun!

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Tech For Everyone #23: Halo and Linux Lessons

I don’t envy any individual or small organization that has to market a Linux distribution (or a FOSS project, or an indie game). There are currently hundreds of Linux distros in active development. 72 of those employ the GNOME desktop environment, and 77 use …


Tech For Everyone #22: The Linus Effect

Thanks to the ongoing Linux Gaming Challenge at Linus Tech Tips, and the impending Steam Deck launch, Linux gaming is enjoying more exposure. But it’s also under the microscope. If you've been watching, you probably saw Linus Sebastian’s Pop OS installation i…


Tech For Everyone #21: Me vs PC, Linus vs Linux

Linus Tech Tips recently unleashed Part 2 of its ongoing, divisive yet eye-opening Linux Gaming Challenge. It only took me 2 minutes and 48 seconds of viewing time to realize how fractured and confusing desktop Linux can be for beginners. The video caused me …


Tech For Everyone - Issue #20

My new collaboration with Nick from The Linux Experiment is live! It's a Linux-first (but NOT Linux exclusive) video channel and podcast celebrating video games, the people playing them, and the developers making them for the people playing them.I'm biased, b…


Tech For Everyone #19: Rebirth

I've been on a music-centric reading spree, highlighted by the gloriously nostalgic "Nöthin' But a Good Time: The Uncensored History of the '80s Hard Rock Explosion," a book you should absolutely read if you want a raw look at the history and debauchery of th…


Tech For Everyone #18: The Server Bug

This week's music recommendation is a rollicking good time from Co Armagh in Northern Ireland. The band is Trucker Diablo and the album is the brand new Tail End of A Hurricane. They have been releasing albums for a decade now and their sound can be described…


Tech For Everyone #17: Let's talk about your hard drives

Hello, Paul here, and I am back with another Music for Everyone recommendation. Today's band I discovered way back in the early 2010s called Black Spiders from Sheffield, England. I heard their debut album Sons of the North, then I supported their album This …


Tech For Everyone #16: Prescription video games?

[Talk to him on Twitter | Watch him onYouTube]It is a new week, which means a new Games for Everyone segment and game recommendation! I will be the first to say that I am the biggest fanboy of the cyberpunk genre. So I am always on the lookout for games that …


Tech For Everyone #15: My favorite bar in Croatia

Last week we escaped to Premantura for a few days.(Those of you who've followed me since the summer of 2020 might know Premantura as my peaceful away from home on the Istrian Coast of Croatia, where I recovered from Legionnaire's Disease.)It didn't matter tha…


Tech For Everyone #14: Nuke and pave the news

Welcome to Games for Everyone! This little section of the newsletter is where I will be making weekly gaming recommendations. The thought process behind these recommendations is they must play on Linux either natively or through Steam Proton, with no extra co…


You're NOT Entitled To That, Bob!

Hi Everyone!My name is Jerry Morrison. I write music with Jason under the name More Sun and have been playing/writing/recording music since I was 14. I LOVE music. I think one of my favorite things about it is how communal the experience is. I love finding ne…


Nvidia gives us one less reason to boot into Windows

Here are links relevant to what you just read up there. Bearded Giant Games is a "Linux-first" game developer and a longtime member of the Linux For Everyone community.


Tech For Everyone #11: Bulletproof

Let's kick things off with a gut-buster. Get ready to laugh your ass off at this enthusiastic doggo with a unique set of skills. Hit play and don't stop until you watch it make that first boisterous jump...


The Future of Linux For Everyone

Perfect storm (noun): an especially bad situation caused by a combination of unfavorable circumstances.With the exception of my brief gig doing technical marketing at AMD, I’ve been writing professionally (primarily at Forbes but with a splash of PC World, Up…


Tech For Everyone #9: Fake Headlines and GNOME Gestures

Last week I wrote briefly about Lou Otten's passing. He was the engineer at Phillips responsible for inventing cassettes. That flawed but wonderful vehicle for mixtapes. The medium that inspired the Walkman and made our music truly portable. Well, I realized …


Tech For Everyone #8: Now I REALLY ❤️ Steam

Last week I wrote a minor rant about Intel's awkward and somewhat grudge-tinged marketing campaign against Apple Silicon. Nevermind the fact that a Mac is technically also a PC. Nevermind that Apple still sells Intel-powered MacBook Pros. Nevermind all of tha…


The Question: Windows, Linux or macOS?

One of several common threads I've seen running through my community is a sincere love for music (yes, and coffee but we'll get to that soon). So, in keeping with this theme of consuming on Sundays rather than creating, I'm inviting some friends to recommend …


Tech For Everyone #6: All System76, All The Time

Someone shared this meme with me today. First time I’d seen it! I’ll admit, it made me laugh out loud until I realized a few seconds later that it’s perpetuating a myth about modern-day Linux that people shouldn’t believe:


Tech For Everyone #5: Intel's grudge + Alienware's cherry on top

In 2013, I was fortunate enough to be one of the first people to experience Nvidia's G-Sync display tech. Engineers from the company personally delivered one to my home office and demonstrated it for me.At the time, it was a prototype. An ASUS monitor that ha…


Tech For Everyone #4: My Radeon RX 6700 XT Review (Hypothetically)

When I covered the announcement of AMD’s Radeon RX 6700 XT in issue #1, my friend and More Sun songwriting partner Jerry Morrison responded with a statement so relevant and so profound, I’m going to steal it for at least the next two years. Here's what he sai…